12 Best Sports Bras by Real Women


In the market for a new sports bra?  A really good sports bra is one of the most important pieces of equipment you need for exercising.  I’ve had women tell me they don’t workout because they can’t find a sports bra that is supportive enough.  It’s a legitimate concern!

I asked women to share what their favorite sports bras are, and after researching everyone’s answers, I’m excited to update some of my collection too.  Does anyone else remember having to wear 2 or 3 sports bras at once in order to get good support from non-supportive sports bras?  We’re so lucky to have tons of great options nowadays.

Here’s what exercising women around the world had to say.  (Listed in order of most popular first.)

1) Moving Comfort Sports Bras (A-E cups) JUNOsportsbra


Juno – racer back with adjustable velcro on the straps, hook and loop closure on the back, with compression, highly recommended for larger bust sizes






Fiona – U-back with with velcro adjustable straps, hook and loop closure, no back bulge, with compression, highly recommended for larger bust sizes




ALEXISsportsbraAlexis – Specifically for smaller busted ladies, high impact support, back adjustable straps, and adds a bit of shape

Seems colors were limited to mostly black and white in larger sizes.  These bras run from $40-56, but if you watch carefully, you can grab them from Amazon or eBay for a little cheaper.



2) Ta Ta Tamer II Sports Bra– (C-E cups) from LuLuLemon — Straps can be worn crossed or straight in the back, hook and eye closure, used for medium support.  Comes in lots of super fun colors.

TaTaTamerIIsportsbraWomen reported that they didn’t get such a smooshed look, while the bra did a great job of keeping bouncing under control.  Price range is about the same as the Moving Comfort, at about $58.

(I realize some have decided to boycott anything from LuLulemon after founder Chip Wilson made distasteful comments blaming the bodies of his customers for see-through Yoga pants, but I’ve included this Sports Bra as it was loved by many women.)

**Fitness Instructors also get 15% off their purchase in stores at LuLulemon.


3) Armour Bra Portegee made by Under Armour–  (A-DD cups)

UNDERARMOURsportsbraZip front, with one hook and eye closure, racer back, compression, light weight, limited colors.

I own this bra, and it was great for breast-feeding.  Comfortable fit, but the little zipper bump shows through when wearing certain tank tops over the top of it.  I also wish the straps were adjustable.  Worn for weight or yoga workouts–but not any high impact.  Some reported the zipper to slide down with too much movement, but I’ve never had that issue.  Zip front makes it easy to get on/off, especially when sweaty at the end of your workout. Priced at $50.00.


4) Enell Sports Bra— (32C-52G cups)


High impact support, wide straps reduce shoulder pain, front hook and eye closure, full back coverage with cross strap design.

A lot of bigger busted women swear by this bra.  They report they are finally able to exercise and some have even become runners with complete comfort, (i.e. without having to hold themselves while running).  Priced at about $66.



5) C9 by Champion— (B-DD cups)

C9CHAMPIONsportsbraHigh impact support, back hook closure, adjustable straps, molded cups.

Women reported they liked being able to adjust the straps but some bigger busted women didn’t feel like it was suitable for high impact exercises.  Priced at about $23.00, sold at Target.




6) Champion Distance Under-Wire Sports Bra— (C-DD cups)

CHAMPIONDISTANCEsportsbraHidden cushioned wires give great support, hook and eye closure, V-back, extra knit-in stretch helps with painful bounce, molded three layer cups.

Women reported that they were surprised the straps weren’t adjustable, but it ended up fitting alright.  Many said this sports bra lifts and separates well. Not good for higher impact workouts for women with a larger bust.  Priced at $46.



7) Freya Underwire Sports Bra— (D-K cups)

FREYAUNDERWIREsportsbraWider underwire curvature, double fabric, great support and maximum bounce control.

One woman said if you love underwire sports bras, this one is great.  In fact she’s been using this one for the last few years. No need to have to wiggle into an over-the-head bra with this one.  Offers great support and maximum bounce control.

Looks like you can find this bra at various retailers depending on which country you live in.  Here’s a link for Nordstrom if you’re in the USA, and it may even sell on Amazon. (Click the link Freya Underwire Sports Bra if you’re outside the US.) Priced at about $69.

8) Title Nine Bras— (Sports bras fit A-DD cups)


There are many different varieties, choices, and impact support levels.  The site is worth checking out, especially once I heard one women rave about Title Nine Bras having a 1 year warranty and money back guarantee, no questions asked!  WOW!

Link is for all sports bras, sizes, and needs at Title Nine.  Prices vary.



9) Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra— (AA-I cups)

PANACHEsportsbraUnderwire, wide bra straps convert from U-back to racer back, hook and eye closure, reduces bounce by 83%.

This bra is very comfortable to wear, and especially for bigger busted women.  One woman said this sports bra held on to her rib cage securely without suffocating or digging in.  Good contouring for the chest with the separate cups helps minimize bounce.  Another woman suggested you make sure you know your correct bra size before ordering. Priced at about $68.


10) Shock Absorber Sports Bra— (B-HH cups)

SHOCKABSORBERsportsbraThree dimensional support construction, adjustable straps, moisture wicking.

One woman said she uses this bra for running, archery, and the step aerobics workouts found on my YouTube Channel.  It keeps her held in well, the straps are comfy, and it allows her to concentrate on her workout and not her chest.  Priced about $69.



11) Nike Dri-Fit Victory Define Sports Bras (A-E cups)

NIKEDri-FitJENNYFORDThere are a number of design choices for the Nike Dri-Fit Sports Bras here.  Features of this one are molded cups for great support, light weight, sweat wicking fabric.  Women love that it lifts and separates, giving great shape.  Most find it adequate for medium impact exercises.  Priced about $55.




12) Fruit of the Loom Racerback Bra — (38-44)



Pull-over style.  Comes in a 3 pack.  Made of 2-ply stretch cotton. Sized according to band not cup.

Most women reported this bra has adequate support for low-medium impact, and rated well for comfort with bigger busted ladies.  Most felt there wasn’t enough support for high-impact exercise.  For the budget conscious, a 3 pack is priced at $10.00.


**BONUS – Sensoria Sports Bra–  (limited sizes)

SENSORIAsportsbraFor those of you with a Sensoria HRM, Polar H7, or Garmin Premium, here’s a cool bra.  It enables you to hook your heart rate monitor right into your bra, so you don’t have to wear that pesky strap.

One woman reported that she loved how this bra kept her HRM from sliding around, so no more  chafing and pain.  It offers great support, and lasts forever.  I could only find it on Amazon, with very limited sizes.  Priced at $79.


Hoping this post will help keep you well-supported in your workouts. 😉  Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their favorites — your information is invaluable.  Did I miss any?  What’s your favorite sports bra?  Comment below, I’d love to hear which ones you love.  (**Credit for sports bra pictures go to individual websites who sell that particular sports bra.)

Join me for a few shimmies and shakes in one of my favorite workouts, Latin Zoom found on my Jenny Ford Fitness Channel on YouTube.


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