14 Day Fitness Challenge

Welcome to your 14 Day Fitness Challenge! I’m so excited you’re here.  This entire program, all 11 workouts, can be purchased in a download bundle for the low price of $14.95.


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I’m super excited for you to try this total body, balanced fitness challenge. Links to each of these workouts are found on YouTube below. Leave comments or let me know if you have questions. Always love hearing from you!


Equipment needed:
step bench*
(2) sets of dumbbells (one heavy and one light)
mat or towel

*If you don’t have a step bench, you can still perform all of the exercises without.

Day 1: Beginner Step Aerobics Quick Cardio Workout At Home Fitness 

Day 2: Total Body Weights in Wyoming/Aspen

Day 3: Basic Step Aerobics Workout – Quick 2 Combos – Fitness Cardio Burn Beginner  – Tetons Core and Abs

Day 4: Montana Step and Weights 2 

Day 5: Step Aerobics Quick Cardio Workout Video Anyone Can Do 

Day 6: Quick FUN Cardio Step Aerobics Home WorkoutTetons Core and Abs

Day 7: Basic Yoga Stretching

Day 8: Step Aerobics Sweaty Interval Training Workout Video Quick Cardio  – Tetons Core and Abs

Day 9: Montana Step and Weights 2

Day 10: Quick Step Aerobics Lower Body Burn Workout Video Cardio Fat Burning  – Tetons Core and Abs

Day 11: Total Body Weights in Wyoming/Aspen

Day 12: Quick FUN Cardio Step Aerobics Home Workout Tetons Core and Abs

Day 13: Montana Step and Weights 2

Day 14: Restorative Flexibility and Stretch



4 thoughts on “14 Day Fitness Challenge

  1. If I purchase and download the workouts where will I find them? How do i stream them to my TV will they be on youtube?

    1. Hello Elizabeth, if you download the bundle for this workout program, the links will be sent to your email address. Once you have the links, click on them, and download them to your computer. If you want to transfer them to a device such as an iPad, you can transfer them there through iTunes. Or some participants transfer the files to a thumb drive and plug it into their smart tv’s whenever they want to view them. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Could you send me some more information about the purple player. I’m not familiar, and want to make sure I know what format that is. Thank you so much!

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