8 Time Saving Hair Care Tips for Workout Girls

Finding ways to cut time doing your hair is not only healthier for your hair but your body too. With these super tips you’ll be able to squeeze in a workout more often than you thought and hair-care will no longer stand in the way of a good workout.

1. Consider how you wear your hair for exercising. When you work out at the gym wear a higher pony tail, a half-up top knot, braids, or pin hair back to keep it out of your face. If you like to whip your hair around during Zumba class, find a colorful wide headband to keep hair away from your face. When working out at home, wear a high top knot, to keep all of your hair up and away from as much sweat as possible.

2. Plan your hair washings around your workouts.  Schedule your washes on the days you sweat most, like your cardio days and opt not to wash on flexibility and strength training days where you might not sweat as much.

3. Wash your hair every other day (or two). No need to start from scratch after each workout. In fact most people shouldn’t wash their hair every day to avoid stripping hair and scalp of natural oils making hair dull.

4. Use a gentler shampoo and NEVER skip conditioner. When you do wash your hair use a sulfate-free shampoo. Always take a few minutes to condition hair in the shower. Once hair is towel dried, apply a leave-in conditioner or de-tangler. Moisturized hair is much easier to manage and always looks and feels better.

5. While you shower keep longer hair-styles piled on top of your head, and rinse out shorter hair-styles. If your hair is longer, pull hair up and pin it in a tight bun at the crown of your head for your shower. Once you’re out, quickly blow dry the damp parts. Touch-up with a flat iron if needed. For shorter hair-styles, if hair is sopping wet with sweat simply rinse your hair in the shower with no shampoo, and follow-up with a good conditioner.

6. Use a good shower cap during shower-time. Spend a little money on a good quality shower cap that fits. Many of my workout participants prefer using a cap lined with terry cloth to help pull moisture from hair while they shower.

7. Let your hair air-dry after washing every once in awhile. Curls and waves are making a comeback. Weekends are a great time to let hair air-dry naturally after applying a good leave in conditioner or de-tangler. Giving your hair a break from your flat iron or blow dryer is not only healthy for your hair, but drastically cuts your get-ready time.

Kathy Smith8. Use a dry shampoo, the best thing ever invented for girls who like to sweat. Every workout girl I know has said dry shampoo is a lifesaver! In fact, I asked fitness icon, Kathy Smith what her best hair care tips were and she said:

“Gym sessions are refreshing for your body and mind, but can leave your hair dull and worn out. To maintain bright healthy hair, my number one hair trick is to wash my hair every three days. On the second day after my workout, I spray dry shampoo in my roots and pull up some strands with bobby pins, if necessary. And on the third day after the gym, I combat the stringy, greasy look by pulling my locks into a top knot with a cloth hair tie (using cloth is a must, because it helps eliminate breakage and ponytail dents). Having variety in your hairstyles keeps your hair hydrated, healthy, and glowing!” 

By following these time-saving hair care tips you’ll both look and feel great.


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