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My focus today is on four fabulous products:

1. Step Across America: anyone can do these step aerobic routines. The first five workouts cover all the basic step moves.  Once complete we will have workouts from all 50 states.

2. March Across America: these low impact workouts are for everyone. With workouts from all 50 states you will be sure to meet your fitness goals.

3. Coast to Coast: These workouts cater towards participants with a background in step. If you’re new to step you may get frustrated doing these workouts.

4. Step Hero: (Coming Soon!) These workouts will teach you the basics of step aerobics. They are meant for people with zero experience stepping or those who need a refresher.

I love being a part of my participants fitness goals. Please write me anytime!

~Jenny Ford

Watch a little behind-the-scenes of how ‘Jenny Ford Fitness’ came to be in the video below:


A Little More About Me: I’ve been married to the most incredibly giving and supportive man for 21 years. Together we have four boys and a new puppy.  I love to cook. My favorite time of day is around the dinner table eating delicious food and talking and connecting with all my guys. Teaching group fitness opens up a joy inside of me like nothing else. It’s truly something I was born to do. I started as a group fitness instructor teaching water aerobics so my sons could have free swim lessons. In 2008, I certified as a fitness instructor. I love teaching live fitness classes, but also really enjoy filming workouts for my amazing participants. Shortly after I turned 30, I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer. Exercising continued to give me strength to face tough times in life, including losing my dad. As a result, I’m very passionate about providing affordable, quality workouts for everyone.


-Certified AFAA Group Fitness Professional

-CPR and AED certification

-Certified in BOSU® Complete Workout System

BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging Certification – LEVEL 1

-Certified Stages Indoor Cycle Instructor

-TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Certification

START Fitness Boot Camp Instructor

Degree: B.A. in English- University of Utah

Courses: Zumba 1 Basic Training, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Step, One-on-One Instructor Training Course authored by Christi Taylor

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  1. Dear Jenny
    I have been an enthusiastic stepper since the 90s but stopped going to gyms after my son was born. Besides, they have been reducing the number of Step classes…
    Thanks to your YouTube videos now I can do them at home! Your cues are just right . The choreography complex is enough so that we don´t get bored but not so complex that can´t be followed. I also love the percentage graph that shows how much of the workout has been completed. Keep up the good work! People from all around the world appreciated it!
    From Brazil (!)

  2. hi
    I am from iran and from iran we can not buy your videos because we do not have master card.
    but I like your dvd s because they are excllence.
    I downloaded two part from your dvd and Iwant to get permit for using from your films if it is possible.
    thank you very much
    if it is possible send me other films

  3. I would like to know if you can sell DVD’s for :
    1) Lower Body Weights-Aspen
    2) Upper Body Weights-Aspen
    3) Core and Abs

    I workout to one of your DVD’s every morning in my garage. My TV in the garage only takes DVD’s.
    Thanks so much! Anne

  4. I found you on youtube and love your workouts. You have become a verb in our house, I tell my husband “I’m going to Jenny” and he knows I’m doing one of your workouts. That aside, I struggle with the turn steps and straddles and would love for you to expand your tutorial section to include some of the more advanced steps.
    Thanks for sharing your workouts!

  5. I really like your shorter step workouts. Will you put some on DVD? What is step across America? I’m 61 so I have had to tone it down a little no high impact for me.

    1. Hi beca, Step Across America is definitely for those who want a lower impact workout. It will be a series of 50 step workouts filmed all across America. We’ve just released volume 1 that has 5 step workouts. I think they’d be right up your alley. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hi Lori, yes for sure! We’ve had some pretty serious family matters to deal with this last year, but are finally coming up for air, so to speak. Have you seen my latest Step Across America Program? Let me know if you have questions! Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Jenny,

    I’m thrilled that you have new stuff. I had already seen it a few days ago on your website. However, how come you don’t DVD all your latest workouts? I’d love to buy them!

    1. Hi Minou, the demand for DVDs isn’t there like it used to be I’m afraid. We hope to put all 50 workouts of Step Across America on a DVD once we get to all of the states. Thanks for your questions, and support!

  7. I’ve just done my first Jenny Ford step aerobics workout and I can safely say I am RINGING with sweat! I didn’t even find the workout that difficult either! I am a convert. After the workout I came straight onto your website to find out a bit more about you and I love your story. I love that you are happy to provide free workouts, you get that fitness is that important. You’re amazing, keep up the good work!

  8. Please come back Jenny I miss you! You have helped me get back into step aerobics and I couldn’t be happier (and healthier) Your classes are fun and uplifting and I can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  9. Hi Jenny, I ‘ m a big fan of your Step and Weights workouts , which make
    me feel much healthier every day.
    I even got rid of my high blood pressure, I’m very grateful. Thanks for that. 🙂

  10. I absolutely love the cherography in all your videos! I’ve tried step aerobics classes at the gym years ago and hated it. The moves were so complicated for someone unfamiliar with the basic moves. I would always leave the class feeling completely embarrassed because I was falling all over myself. I began doing your videos on Amazon and was actually able to actually able to do your Step by Step routine without falling all over myself. The way you teach by working into each step before actually adding it to the routine and then repeating it helped me tremendously. I was actually able to learn the moves and finally found the fun in step aerobics. Now It’s now my favorite way to excersise. The routines are simple but still challenging. I’m so glad I found your videos! it’s brought the fun and excitement back to excersise that I’ve been missing.

  11. Hi Jenny,
    I asked Alexa for free online work outs and your videos came up! And then I recognized the Nauvoo Temple and knew you were a Godsend. I am just starting back so these are great for me. Thank-you from Virginia!!

    Jennie J

  12. My husband and are 62 years young and love your step and walking videos I had weight loss surgery 9 months ago and have lost 100 pounds. Bad knees and all we still step with you 3 days a week and walk or hike 7 plus miles on the weekend. My question to you is do you have a video that goes smoothly little slower. We have trouble keeping up with your pace so when you say 7 more knee lifts we get about 5. Some of your combos we can’t keep up.

  13. Love the Jenny ford low impact step aerobics and marching around the state to state on amazon prime videos. It is great and easy to workout at home! I will be continuing to use it and watch her at tv. Thank you, Jenny!

  14. I decided to start doing step workouts again because I remembered how fun they were. I searched for some online and found you. I just wanted to tell you after doing one of your workouts I fell in love. Thank for being so down to earth and an every day woman. 🙂

  15. Hi Jenny,

    I found your marching workout on Amazon because I was looking for a workout that would help me get more steps in. (I’m in a step challenge right now.)

    Your Amazon videos are my go to when I don’t want to go to the gym, or if I want to get steps in before work.

    I would love to see some more advanced marching videos from you. I don’t have a step at home, otherwise I would do the Steps across America.

  16. Jenny,

    I have to admit that I am a huge Charlene Prickett, It Figures fan, from the 80’s and 90’s but no longer can use the VHS tapes. So after 10 years of being absent from the step scene due to giving birth to my second son at 40 and commuting 3 hours a day for my job, and a lot of other excuses, I decided to search You Tube for step videos. Guess what? I found you! And thank goodness I did. I love your Quick Step workouts. It’s perfect for the busy working moms out there. I exercise to your longer step videos on the weekends, but the 20 min or less videos are perfect for exercising during the week. My request is to add more of those to your lineup.

  17. Just love your longer Basic Step classes. I have cardio endurance but do not want the trickier foot work. Do you plan on making more of the Basic Step classes that are longer such as at least 45 minutes ?

  18. Hi, I just joined this fitness club! After 2 pregnancies I decided I need to get back to where I was or even better where I want to be. At home, when kiddos are sleeping. For sometime there won’t be mummy-gym time for me. Thanks for your videos, I plan to go through them all (just completed my 3rd one). And I look forward to seeing some results. If they are worth sharing I’ll send them to you!

    1. That would be great Mania! I’d love to hear about any results or successes you have! Great work taking time for yourself. I just love that!

  19. Hello,

    I have been working out to your videos consistently since the beginning of the year (2018) and I love them all. Your instructions are clear and you keep me motivated during the workouts. I have always enjoyed step aerobics, if I could do them every day I would but I know I need to balance my workouts out. I ALWAYS get 2-3 step workouts in a week. I have lost 40lbs since January by not only eating healthy but exercising 5-6 days a week. The issue that I had before was not being consistent, so finding great videos that I enjoy has been the key for me. I look forward to my workout with you and will continue to for long time! Thank you Jenny!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your health and fitness journey Maggie! You are just amazing! I love that you are taking care of you! And WOW! 40lbs is just fantastic! Congrats to you and all your hard work!

  20. I first found your step videos on YouTube when I was trying to lose weight before my husband returned from his military deployment. Now we’ve just had our first child and I’m relying on the marching ones to help me fit a little bit of fitness into whatever breaks I manage to get with the little space not filled with baby stuff! Find them really positive and a
    good level of complexity. Thanks!

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