If there’s anything I want you to know about me, I despise using guilt and shame as a motivator for getting healthy! In the media we’re already bombarded with so many body image messages that impact us negatively. Yet, the real message we should be celebrating is that our bodies are amazing and powerful! When we consistently devote a little time each day to take care of ourselves, we benefit from stress relief, decrease depression or anxiety, self-confidence improves, cognitive abilities enhance, creativity is sparked, and better sleep!

Not sure where to begin? I’ve created over 10 workout programs you can work through in the convenience of your home on your time schedule. I truly love to hear from you! In fact, you are the joy in my life. Let me know if I can help you in any way and be sure to join my wonderful community by signing up for my newsletter.

website-aboutA Little More About Me: I’ve been married to the most incredibly giving and supportive man for 20 years. Together we have four boys. Each day I try my best to balance caring, cooking, listening, and driving my boys around in between running a successful online fitness business and teaching live classes.

I started as a group fitness instructor teaching water aerobics so my sons could have free swim lessons. Teaching group fitness opened up a joy inside of me I had never experienced before! In 2008, I certified as a fitness instructor and had the amazing opportunity to attend a ‘One-on-One Instructor Training’ with Christi Taylor.

In 2009 I filmed my first step workout DVD called UnexpectedStepUnexpected Step. Once the DVD was complete I sent it off to Collage Video for review. At the time, Collage had a very intensive review process, where real-live instructors would extensively evaluate workouts that were submitted. I was over the moon when they requested an order from me. My DVD was being sold next to all of the amazing fitness professionals I’d worked out with in my home through the years.

Shortly after I turned 30, I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer. Exercise continued to give me strength to face tough times in life, including losing my dad.  As a result, I’m very passionate about providing affordable, quality workouts for everyone so here are your options: download my programs here on my website, play them on my YouTube channel, Amazon Prime Video, or on the KSL app (coming soon).

I love hearing from my participants all over the world. Send me your success story.  I’d love to feature you! No success is too small.



Certifications/ Degree:

Certified AFAA Group Fitness Professional. CPR and AED certified. IDEA Health and Fitness Member. Certified in BOSU® Complete Workout System and BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging Certification – LEVEL 1. Certified Stages Indoor Cycle Instructor, TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Certification, START Fitness Boot Camp Instructor

B.A. in English- University of Utah

Zumba 1 Basic Training, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Step, One-on-One Instructor Training Course authored by Christi Taylor


My fitness workouts are *featured in:
Shape.com in the Top 10 Best Workouts on YouTube
Spark People  in The Best YouTube Fitness Channels
ELLE in Top 10 YouTube Channels to Get a Perfect Body
VOGUE in The Best Workouts on YouTube
Huffington Post in 50 Best Free Workout Resources You Can Find Online
Women’s Health
*Click here for more MEDIA highlights.

Motivational Speaker
-Love Your Body Now
-Balance Motherhood and Taking Care of YOU

Coached clients:
-How to Start and Run a Successful YouTube Fitness Channel
-Steps to Choreographing and Teaching an Outstanding Group Fitness Class
-Become a Group Fitness Instructor
-Stay Relevant in the Fitness Industry-What I Learned from IDEA
-How to Get Your Own Group Fitness Class

For Business Inquiries or Speaking Engagements Email: contact@jennyford.com

*Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning Jenny Ford Fitness exercise programs. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. By engaging in these workouts, you agree that you do so at your own risk, and assume all associated risk of injury.

11 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Dear Jenny
    I have been an enthusiastic stepper since the 90s but stopped going to gyms after my son was born. Besides, they have been reducing the number of Step classes…
    Thanks to your YouTube videos now I can do them at home! Your cues are just right . The choreography complex is enough so that we don´t get bored but not so complex that can´t be followed. I also love the percentage graph that shows how much of the workout has been completed. Keep up the good work! People from all around the world appreciated it!
    From Brazil (!)

  2. I would like to know if you can sell DVD’s for :
    1) Lower Body Weights-Aspen
    2) Upper Body Weights-Aspen
    3) Core and Abs

    I workout to one of your DVD’s every morning in my garage. My TV in the garage only takes DVD’s.
    Thanks so much! Anne

  3. I found you on youtube and love your workouts. You have become a verb in our house, I tell my husband “I’m going to Jenny” and he knows I’m doing one of your workouts. That aside, I struggle with the turn steps and straddles and would love for you to expand your tutorial section to include some of the more advanced steps.
    Thanks for sharing your workouts!

  4. I really like your shorter step workouts. Will you put some on DVD? What is step across America? I’m 61 so I have had to tone it down a little no high impact for me.

    1. Hi beca, Step Across America is definitely for those who want a lower impact workout. It will be a series of 50 step workouts filmed all across America. We’ve just released volume 1 that has 5 step workouts. I think they’d be right up your alley. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hi Lori, yes for sure! We’ve had some pretty serious family matters to deal with this last year, but are finally coming up for air, so to speak. Have you seen my latest Step Across America Program? Let me know if you have questions! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Jenny,

    I’m thrilled that you have new stuff. I had already seen it a few days ago on your website. However, how come you don’t DVD all your latest workouts? I’d love to buy them!

    1. Hi Minou, the demand for DVDs isn’t there like it used to be I’m afraid. We hope to put all 50 workouts of Step Across America on a DVD once we get to all of the states. Thanks for your questions, and support!

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