Be a SUPERSTAR Fitness Instructor (5 Skills)

There are a lot of good fitness instructors out there, but if you have the passion to be a SUPERSTAR fitness instructor, here are 5 skills you’ll need.

1.  BE A LEADER:  Show confidence (even if you’re scared to death), and speak with clear speech.  Feel comfortable performing and instructing in front of a class.  Learn to communicate and cue different ways; be expert at BOTH verbal and visual cues because every one of your participants learns differently. (Examples here or here.)  Always be positive; leave your troubles at the door.


2.  BE ORGANIZED:  Be on time (even early) to greet your participants.  Start and end class on time.  Find out who is new (nervous), or who has never tried the format you will be teaching.  Be prepared — NEVER show up to class without a plan or preparation.  Make sure to have a few back-up plans and even back-up methods for your music. (has come in VERY handy some days)  Practice, practice, practice, outside of class.  There have been countless times I was so glad I tried a new combo at home first, to work out the kinks without an audience.


3.  EDUCATE:  Make sure you know your format, inside and out.   Consistently educate your participants on proper form and technique, helping them to avoid injury as well as work to their best potential.  ATTEND OTHER INSTRUCTORS CLASSES! Take what you learn from them, and improve your own technique.


4.  INSPIRE YOUR PARTICIPANTS:  Share you passion for fitness with your participants but remember you are not there for your own workout–you are there for them.  Connect with your class by LEARNING THEIR NAMES, and use their names during class.  Motivate and encourage your classes to stick with the workout and finish strong.  Focus on the group, and encourage them as a whole.  Look them in the eye, and add sincere compliments when they are doing well.


5.  ENTERTAIN YOUR PARTICIPANTS:  SMILE!!!  Use your sense of humor to make class fun.  Music is a HUGE part of your class environment so be sure to take time to put together your playlists.  Most importantly, BE YOU!

No one becomes a superstar instructor overnight, but by constantly working on and improving in these five areas, you will definitely become the instructor you were meant to be! Would LOVE to hear from you anytime!

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