Farewell 30’s Hello 40


Saying farewell to my 30’s tonight, surprisingly, I feel pretty emotional.  A chapter in my life is ending.  It’s been a decade of much happiness, much sorrow, and much learning.  Looking back I couldn’t have dreamt up most of the things we experienced as a family.  I am proud of the strength I found inside that I never realized was there.  Here are some memorable moments I experienced over the last 10 years.

-My father to cancer

-Our first home

-My life all planned out with certainty

-Healthy pregnancies (hyperemesis gravidarum with all 4)

-Postpartum depression

-Desire to be a perfect Mother

-4 beautiful, healthy, loving sons

-Courage to become a fitness instructor

-Great compassion for those who experience depression

-A deep understanding of ADHD, and the way it affects individuals

-Realization that kids grow up way too fast

-Better acceptance of myself and my fiery spirit

-A deeper love for God and His awareness and plan for me and my family

It amazes me that each of my losses and gains have not only shaped my perspective, but have given me much greater compassion for others, all while making me who I am.  Honestly, I am both nervous and excited for the next 10 years, and so grateful that I get to live this journey every day with my sweet husband and four boys–all of who love me for ME–at every age!

As I turn 40, my gift to you is the gift of health and happiness. Please feel free to use any of my workouts on YouTube, and know that it brings me great joy to hear from you.

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