Flexibility and Stretching Workouts

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Flexibility and Stretching Workouts


Title: Restorative Flexibility and Stretch
Level: Basic
Run Time: 20:15
Equipment: Mat or Towel
Description: Improve your flexibility, reduce stress, relax, improve mood, and feel refreshed by taking the time to stretch and recharge.
Download Link: https://we.tl/GDGlBRxF5S
DOWNLOAD then PAY $5.00 per workout


Title: Basic Yoga Stretching
Level: Beginner-Basic
Run Time: 15:11
Equipment: Mat or Towel
Description: Basic stretching for better breath and body awareness. Begins in a cross-leg position, moving to all fours, and finishing with standing. Feel refreshed after 15 minutes of stretching.
Download Link: Coming Soon!
DOWNLOAD then PAY $5.00 per workout

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