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Download Bundle Includes Seven Workouts (Cardio, Marching, Weights, Flex, Core, and Step)

Welcome to my 30 Day Complete Workout System created just for you! Combine these 3 fitness elements — Cardio, Strength Training, and Flexibility — you will train and strengthen your entire body, keep it well-balanced, and heart healthy. Check-in with me! I’d love to hear how it’s going any time! Print off your schedule below.



REVIEWS of the 30 Day Workout System:

DAY 30 Hooray! ✔🎉🎊🎉🎊🎈🎈🎈I’m so proud of myself👏👏👏. This is the first challenge I’ve ever completed. It was really difficult at times😟. In the beginning it was more of a physical challenge💪. I struggled so much. It was tough😝. I felt it was way too much for me due to my weight (247). I still am not able to complete any of the videos without marching in place at some point, except for the restorative and flexibility. My family 👪 and Jenny👱 ( lol ) really kept me going. I was constantly being reminded to do what I could but to keep moving. My old self would have quit. Everyday my body and mood, aside from PMS, was feeling better and improving💪. This challenge was very engaging and fun😃. The mental challenge was sooooo hard and draining 😣😧. I definitely need to work on my self worth☺. On to the better stuff. It’s such a great feeling when people notice a physical change and they have no clue of the hard work because I don’t see them often. My family would say so but I thought they were just being nice. Then I started seeing the difference 😀😃 woooohoooo 😆. That was the biggest motivational boost ever!!! TMI: the hubby liked what he was seeing 😉😍. That’ll keep a girl going. Lol. I feel like I could go on and on about my inner transformation that has happened in these 30 days. I love the way Jenny has put it together. She has taken all of the thinking out of it so all you have to do is hit play and get moving💃. I’m so grateful I found her. Tears are falling from my face as I write. I have health issues and I feel Jenny has taken part in saving my life. Thank you Jenny 😚. It’s funny, I feel like you’re my friend in my head but in my heart💛. I got so involved, I felt like you created this challenge just for me. It’s hard to explain, really.
Whenever I’m doing your videos, I feel like we are two girlfriends working out together. My husband and daughter were there most times but it felt like it was just Jenny and I 😄. I’m so hooked 🎣. My journey is far from being over but I feel like I’m headed in a new and better direction. I can’t thank you enough, Jenny. You’re ultra awesome and I pray you are able to continue helping me and others. Weigh in results coming soon.




**Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. By engaging in these workouts, you agree that you do so at your own risk, and assume all associated risk of injury.



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