1-5 Step Across America Downloads


The first of my 50 workouts across America are now available for download.

Step your way across America in Newport, Chicago, Washington DC, MT Rushmore and Oceanside.

Once you’ve mastered a workout, keep moving on.


1 of 50 Newport, OR: 33 min.
Instructional Step Workout – Great place to begin for first time stepper’s.

2 of 50: Oceanside, CA: 32 min.
Three fun sections keep you moving with the new moves you learned at Newport, Oregon.

 3 of 50: Mt. Rushmore, SD: 16 min.
Begin to add in a few arm variations along with the foot patterns.

4 of 50: Chicago, IL: 25 min.
Marching/warm-up with optional power bursts. Then grab your step for  more creative arm patterns.

5 of 50: Washington, DC: 25min.
Foot patterns remain basic but add in even more fun arm variations once you feel comfortable.


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