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At this time the following DVDs are available for purchase at Total Fitness DVDs.


Spicy Step – Join Jenny for one energized hour or LATIN step intermixed with Latin dance, rhythms and music. It will knock your socks off and keep you coming back for more. Spicy Step is gym-proven, a fantastic calorie burn, and an amazing mind/body workout. (60 Minutes)

Step by Step – Join Jenny in four, fun, heart-pumping combos. Start with basic steps and progress to the Charleston, split basics, shuffle turns, rocking horse, and more. Jenny’s choreography is simple enough for the beginning stepper and challenging enough to keep long-time steppers moving. Step by Step is gym-proven, a fantastic calorie burn, and an amazing mind/body workout. (50 Minutes)

Hi-Lo Cardio – Join me for energizing, fat burning moves. This beginner workout has all the favorites; marches, step touches, funky grapevines, V-steps, mambos, ponies, and more. (35 Minutes)



Step By Step 3 – Jenny starts with an energetic warm up followed by four diverse combos that build from basic, familiar rhythms to intensified, creative versions of the start combinations. Combos flow flawlessly, and Jenny’s cue-ahead teaching style is superb. End with a cool down combo and stretch (56 Minutes)

Hi-Lo Cardio 2 – Second in the Hi-Lo Cardio series, you’ll begin each combo with basic movements that smoothly blend into more challenging, fun patterns. Start with a fun warm-up including a quick lower-body toning segment, then on to three super combos that are both doable and engaging. Finish off with a refreshing cool down and stretch (42 Minutes)

Toning with Weights – After a quick cardio warm-up, Jenny uses familiar strength training classics like push ups, squats, lunges, bicep curls, and calf raises, to work both the upper and lower body. Target every major muscle group in under an hour. (52 Minutes)

Abdominals on the Ball – Tone and strengthen both your abdominals and back by using an exercise ball in this workout. For the entire workout you will keep your core engaged, making each repetition more efficient and effective (10 Minutes)

Step and Hi Lo for Kids – Hey kids! Join Jenny and three great kids for a fun, heart pumping workout. You’ll do a quick warm-up that is integrated into a simple step segment using basic moves. Or choose and enjoyable floor aerobics segment that will get you moving. This workout ends with a quick cool-down/stretch segment. (21 Minutes)


checkoutworkout-jennyfordUpper/Lower Body Weights – After a quick cardio warm-up, train and strengthen your entire body using dumbbells, a chair, and a mat (or towel). Start with your lower body preforming variations of squats, lunges, and plie’s then move on to the upper body using dumbbells and your own body weight. Over time you’ll see increased strength and stamina in your daily activities. Weights required. (30 Minutes)

Core and Abs – A strong core is the foundation of a powerful body. With these exercises, you’ll challenge your core and abs in unique ways, and see increased strength and stabilization. (11 Minutes)

Cardio Intervals – Cardio segments in this workout are fun and challenging. By mixing steady state cardio with interval bursts you’ll take your heart rate up and down, burning more calories and you’ll make the most out of your workout time. (30 Minutes)

Marching with Moves – Anyone can march! This workout is designed with the beginner in mind, but will give even the advanced exerciser a great sweat session and calorie burn using marching moves, knee lifts, ham curls, and kicks. (25 Minutes)

Restorative Flexibility and Stretch – Improve your flexibility, reduce stress, relax, improve mood, and feel refreshed by taking the time to stretch and recharge. (17 Minutes)




Unexpected Step – Get the best of both worlds, challenging physically and mentally. Plus it’s great fun. Each combo is built from basic moves and progresses quickly to more complexity. These club tested combos have been said to be so enjoyable you’ll forget you’re working out. (60 Minutes)