Step Aerobics for Beginners



Looking for a Step Aerobics workout for beginners? If you’ve never tried step aerobics or haven’t done step for awhile, I recommend you start here with this one.  My participants, both long time steppers, and new steppers have really enjoyed this one.  It’s simple and surprising how sweaty you’ll be at the end!

Here’s 3 really cool facts about the benefits of adding step to your workout routine:

1)  With step aerobics you’ll get a complete muscularly balanced workout because you’ll work the entire right side of your body equally to your left.  This way your body will be conditioned and strengthened equally — and you’ll become strong as a whole.

2)  Step aerobics burns a significant amount of calories since you are lifting your body weight up and down on a step bench.  I am always amazed at the amount of calories I burn each session.

3) When you do step consistently, studies have shown an increase in bone density up to 3.3% for your spine, hips and leg bones.  You’ll also notice how it effectively tones the muscles in your legs and glutes.

To begin, I recommend starting without any risers, or on the lowest step height possible.  (In fact, some like to do all the moves on the floor first before trying them out on the step.)  Once you’ve mastered the steps, and built up your endurance, feel free to add more risers or height to your step to help add intensity, to achieve a higher heart rate, and burn more calories.

Just a few safety tips to consider: 1) When stepping up, place the full foot on the step, keep your knees soft, and occasionally glance down at your step bench.   2) When stepping off the bench, carefully step down toe to heel, and never jump or run down off of your bench. You can also watch my beginner step tutorials here.

Once you’ve master this Step Aerobics workout for Beginners, feel free to use the workout program I’ve created called Learn to Step where you can work your way through 7 step workouts, going at your own pace.



2 thoughts on “Step Aerobics for Beginners

  1. I am going to be 64 years old and get the usual aches and pains and just bought a step to do step aerobics. I am OBESE and would like to know how often and how long I should do the step aerobics. How many days a week should I be exercising. My big thing is building up my heart and lungs and also lose some weight. I found you videos and think I can accomplish those. Just really need some advice. Thanks and have a great day.

    1. Hi Jean, I always recommend my participants consult their doctor or health care providers before starting any exercise program. But, I truly love that you are taking care of you. I would definitely listen to your body. Recommendations are generally cardio sessions 3-5 times per week, weights or resistance training 2-3 times per week, and at least 1 flexibility/balance session. Start where you are, and build up to more time for each session as you get stronger.

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