Success Stories

Success stories aren’t simply measured by the number on the scale. Success is as individual and unique as YOU!

I CHEER when I hear about participants who can do their step workout for 5 minutes longer than they could last week, or are able to better cope with life’s challenges because of the boost exercise gives them.

Giving yourself the gift of fitness is the same as giving yourself a better quality of life. It’s important to celebrate and recognize your accomplishments, all along your fitness path, be it big or small. Love yourself right now, unconditionally no matter what your size, because guess what, you’re body is an amazing instrument today, right now!

I’m grateful for those who take the time to share a bit of their life story with us. It takes courage, but your stories lift, inspire, and reassure us that we’re in this journey of life together.

I’d like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all my wonderful participants — thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support!  I love that you work out with me, and realize you have a choice who you spend your exercise time with. I’m so happy to be a part of making your life happy and healthy!  Hope you enjoy reading all of the success stories shared below.

If you have a success story you’d like to share, email-, tag me @JennyFordFitness on Instagram or leave me a message on Facebook.  I’d love to feature you! Your story may touch someone in a way you’d never imagine!


My name is Lisa, I am 37, I’m a wife and mum of 2 from the UK. Starting weight 18 stone 1.5 lbs. I suffer from depression and one day thought how could I get my lazy butt off the sofa and do some exercise. So, I scanned through YouTube and found this amazing lady Jenny Ford, who had a number of workouts, so I decided to pick an easy one. Marching with Moves, where I didn’t need any equipment, just my legs. Easy I thought. Nope, not at all, I sweated buckets. But, it gave me so much energy, that I did it again AND the dancing ones too. I ended up buying a step, so I could participate in all the step workouts and my husband ended up buying me some weights too.

But, unfortunately, after about 7 months of exercising, I want losing any weight. So, on the 6th September 2016, I started Slimming World. I have myself a month, in that month I lost 14 lbs., so I have myself another goal, 2 stone by Christmas. The week before Christmas I got my 2 stone 7 lb. Award. I finally found something that really worked for me. You see, although I suffer from depression, I always find a way to self sabotage, but something in my head just clicked. I like food and with Slimming World, I didn’t realize how much I could still eat AND lose the weight. I have lost 5 stone 3 lbs in 8 months. Next week will be a year since I’ve started and I’m maintaining my target weight. If I can do it, anyone can do it, I’m proof of that.

I completed a 5k race in 34 mins. That was a real achievement that I would of never thought I would be able to do. Being able to wear clothes I want has been the best feeling ever.



I just want you to know I have only just discovered you in recent months.
I absolutely LOVE your youtube workouts and since going to your website for the
first time today, I saw your series is on Amazon Prime. I immediately added it
to my watchlist! Thank you thank you thank you for putting so much on Youtube
for me to discover you. Your workouts are the highlight of my workout days
(besides weight lifting with my husband). Instead of seeking to just “lose weight”
as a generic and non-specific goal, I was inspired by America Ninja Warrior and
decided my new goal would be to accomplish one pull up (or one chin up) unassisted.
I’ve got a long journey but your workouts have become an integral part of that
journey. Since October last year, I’ve lost 39lbs. What a wonderful side benefit
on my journey to one-pull-up! I look forward to checking out all you offer.
You’re a bright shining star and a blessing to all of us ladies! God bless you!

-SC Stephensen



Hi there I would like to share my success story with you. 9 months ago I started weight watchers and at the same time I started doing step to your video s on YouTube today I weigh in a whole 97 lbs lighter and I am nearly at my target and it’s thanks to you with your step videos that has helped me achieve this amazing weight loss.

Many thanks Nigel

***Update March 5, 2017 ***

Hi Jenny just dropping you a note to say I got to my weight loss goal today 108 lbs. loss.





Hi Jenny ! I am writing to you from Poland. I have three children. When the youngest daughter graduated one year I decided to finally do something together and then on YouTube I found your program for step. It’s been six months and I can boast that thanks to your workout I lost 20 kilos. (44 pounds) Thank you for training me and I think I will never stop loving step. Thanks to you. I am sending you pictures to prove how good I feel right now in my skin. I adore you.

Regards Magda

P.S. I hope the translator translated my words well ; )




Heya, I’ve managed to get some photos of us. We love Montana at the mo. Kate was in a wheelchair with MS last year and now she comes round every Tuesday for a Jenny session, we’ve both lost weight with your help too and we have such a giggle whilst doing our steps, but seriously why do you keep making us do 7 knee repeaters? 😂 if you want to use any of my messages and photos you are more than welcome.

You have helped change my life.



-Sarah Johnson Jessopp

Hi there! Sorry that it took me a minute to write you. I’ve been on the road a lot.
So, my fitness journey began about 6 months ago. I was the heaviest that I’d ever
been. I’m 5’6″and was hovering between 175 and 180. I still loved myself, but if I’m
being completely honest, my weight was holding me back. It was big things, like not
wearing shorts, bathing suits, anything fitted…. But it was small things too, like
not sharing myself with my husband as freely as I did when I was more confident.
I tried the fads. I already knew that they didn’t work, but the promise of easy is
so tempting. So I did skinny stix, then slim fast, then running (it hurt and I was
bored). It all felt like half hearted work.
My husband and I watch keeping up with the Kardashians. Khloe has lost a lot of
weight over the last year. I saw her doing step workouts. I decided to order a step.
I’m an amazon prime member, so I ordered my step there.
2 days later, my step arrived. It came with a dvd, but I never tried it. Instead,
I found you. 😊
I started with a basic with 3 combos workout. 37% in, I thought I was going to die.
Lol. But there you were, telling me to honor where my body was then.
Day 2 I pushed myself further….And I puked. But you kept cheering me on and I kept
I continued to do your step workouts everyday. Now, I do up to 3 almost every day.
I love all of the step and step and weight workouts.
I’ve lost a total of 24 lbs, and got all new clothes because I had to! Lol
I try to encourage others now. I’ve sent a lot of people your way. They all want to
know how I’m doing it. I explain that once you find the right workout, it’s fun!
That makes it so easy to keep going!!
I haven’t counted calories either. I’ve just been getting stronger. I’m down 4% of
my body fat. I’m 37 and the healthiest that I’ve ever been. Not the skinniest, but
THE HEALTHIEST. It’s so empowering. Thank you!! Thank you for making me love myself
again. You really make a difference in this world!
-Kristeejo Brant


Hi Jenny! I know you’ve had some trials lately, so maybe this note will lift your
spirits a bit.

Yesterday, was my one-year anniversary of stepping with you. Normally, I’m not
sure something like this would cross my mind. However, I began stepping again in
earnest, after a 22-year, on-off-again relationship with stepping. In fact, I
still use the same step bench that I got 22 years ago.

I’ve always loved stepping and considered it my workout of choice. I never stepped
at a gym. But, I have several, yes, tapes, and DVDs, and I’ve always had a thing for
Kathy Smith workouts.

My love of stepping was always there, but I haven’t always been consistent. Until
last year when I had a health scare. I’m a mom of an almost two-year-old boy, so
this scare shook me to my core. I decided to take control of what I could–what
I eat and how I move.

Since June 10th of last year, I’ve stepped with you at least three times per week,
while also running a day or two in between.

Being a stay-at-home mom with seldom a babysitter, a gym is out of the question.
But why would I want a gym membership when I have you. Your personality is winning
and you keep me motivated with your positive attitude. I always feel better when I
spend time with you.

Since last year, I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m
happy and healthy, and thank you for helping me get there.

I’m blessed to have you in my life. And, thank you for what you’ve done for me
and for others!

Many blessings,

Rachel Geisler

PS Please feel free to share. I’m glad to be an example of how you and your workouts
are truly helping people. I’m sharing this photo, which isn’t the best, but there is a
good reason I like it. We are on a trip to New Orleans, which is a walking town.
The photo shows how I am now strong enough to carry my 34 pound son around town and
have a great time. Not be winded at all.

Thank you again for all you do! 👍🙌❤



Jenny 😃
I just wanted to send out a big thank you to you! Your workout videos on YouTube have been indispensable to me. Just over 4 months ago my family and I relocated to San Diego, California from Alberta, Canada. Due to having animals that I couldn’t possible leave behind we decide to drive 1900 miles to get them to our new home. We had a very packed mini van and I couldn’t bring my beloved step. Now I have been doing your workouts for years and have always loved them. Moving to San Diego made me CHERISH them. For the first month all I had was my iPad and my runners. It was really important to me to keep moving. I needed the stress release plus my daughter was getting married in Oct! So I started doing your marching workouts. I love them just as much as I love the step workouts. You and your workouts got me threw a very rough time. When I was upset or stressed or even lonely I would put on your workouts and there you would be, smiling. Cheering me on. We would sweat away the rest of the world together and I would feel relaxed and happy after. Plus I ended up looking good when I walked my daughter down the aisle! So Thank You for being you and giving so much. You are awesome 👏

-Tee Byrne





Hi Jenny! I just wanted to pass on some amazing news from my day today! Today I have made it to the 6 month mark of my weight loss journey. I have been going to Weight Watchers for that 6 months (and am continuing to go) and I have been using some of your workouts as a major part of my exercise program. In the last 6 months I have managed to lose an incredible 30kg! (66 pounds) I still have some ways to go but I wanted to pass on my thanks to you for helping me get where I am now!

***Update December 2016***

Hi Jenny!!! I just thought that I’d give you yet
another update…. I’m still on my Weight
Watchers journey and I still continue to do your workouts almost every day. As of  Tuesday just gone I have made it to 40kg (88 lbs.) gone in just over 8 months! I now weight under 70kg. I have NEVER been under 70kg as an adult so I’m feeling so very proud of myself right now! Again, I need to thank you for helping me get to where I am today!!!





I just wanted to stop by and tell you I love you step videos and instruction! I stepped years ago when I was in college. 2 years ago I started my weight lose journey via walking and running. I’ve had to find alternative exercises as I’ve had a hamstring strain and step seems to fit the bill! Thank you!!!

I started at 236 my heaviest in a size 20/22.  I’m now 182 and a size 12/14! Still have a little while to my goal weight, but still moving along!
Yesterday I did your Montana Step video and it was fun!I would just share to never give up. Don’t be afraid to try new exercises/activities. Your progress may be slow, you may feel like stopping but just keep moving! Also, rest days are so important!
Thank you for sharing my story.
Heather Dangle






17 weeks of Jenny ford fitness step everyday, healthy eating, weight training 3x/week = 30 lb. loss! Thanks Jenny Ford!  -Laurie Tardiff






Hi Jenny: I want to thank you so much for your workouts. I’ve been working out with you almost everyday for the last 6 months and have lost 50 pounds! I can’t get to a gym due to work, a long commute and my two small children so being able to workout in my own home has been amazing. I feel so healthy and energized since starting to workout with you. And never get bored with all the different workouts I can choose from. I appreciate your positive reinforcement and the many different options you give. When I first started I could barely get through 10 minutes without feeling like I was having a heart attack. Now I get through 45 to an hour and feel great! Thanks again and keep the workouts coming! Your Stepping Friend, Mary Rose Rutikanga




I just had to write and tell you how much I love your workouts. I started exercising regularly about 3 years ago as a requirement for high school. Since then, I have tried a myriad of exercise programs, but I’ve never really “enjoyed” any of them. I especially find it frustrating that so many exercise programs focus on guilt and forcing weight-loss. As one who exercises to simply maintain good health, this attitude makes exercising a burden. After walking away from workouts like these, I feel less confident in myself than before I began.

I stumbled across your step videos several months ago on YouTube, and I love them! For me, challenging choreography that requires mental concentration is exactly what I need to keep me motivated in a workout, not guilt. I really enjoy finally “getting” a combo and getting to practice it with confidence. In the process, I often don’t even realize I’ve worked up a good sweat. Your exercise programs have gotten me excited about stepping. It’s definitely my favorite exercise method.

Thank you so much for offering encouragement to the multitudes of people who are beaten down with exercise guilt. Your videos are truly refreshing!





It’s not a before and after… It’s a Before and For Now… I am wearing the same shirt in both pictures, only I am 45 pounds lighter in the second one. I am forever grateful that I found Jenny Ford Fitness on YouTube! I love getting up in the mornings and starting my day with Jenny! Thank you for all you do for us!

-Cheryl Crane





Hi Jenny,

I just want to thank you for your inspirational step workouts, arguably the best available for graduated clear and precise instruction.  I’m a 60 year old male and my main hobby is hill walking.  I live on the edge of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, England and walking the hills is my passion.  Recently however, whilst training for a long distance walk I suffered an injury to my left Achilles tendon which turned into Achilles tendinitis.  I looked into ways of rehabilitating my injury at home without the need for expensive equipment and came across your videos on YouTube and they looked really fun.  So I purchased a step about 3 months ago and started off with your basic routines and I have to say that now I’m hooked!  I progressed on to Step by Step and it’s so much fun.  I can’t tell you how much you have helped me get back to fitness in such an enjoyable way – I look forward to a workout every day.  I’m now going on to Step by Step 2 but have to admit that I haven’t mastered the “funky push” just yet (well I am an old guy after all!) but I know it will come eventually and the challenge is so enjoyable.

So thank you Jenny once again, you put the fun in to fitness and I just love your workouts.  You have given an old guy a whole lot of fun along the road to recovery.

Bless you Jenny.

Happy New Year and best wishes to you and your family.





Hey there.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing step workouts Jenny. You and the guys from helped me lose a total of 66lbs!
In 2012 I was over 200lbs, 3 years and two babies later I’m down 66 lbs !
Thank you,

Tina Jo








Hi 😃 My name is Kasia and I come from Poland 😃 I want to thank you for your great workouts .Thanks to you and your exercises I have lost 35 kilos (77 pounds)  in 7 month ❤ You are amazing and I really like your energy 😃 I not finish yet but I just wanna say that you are my inspiration 😃 so thank you again !!









Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.14.51 PM


“Unable to get outside for my 3 mile walk so I thought I do some step aerobics with my favorite girl @jennyfordfitness 😊😊😊!! I love all her videos and I can honestly say she makes cardio fun. I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor but according to my fitness pal I’ve burned around 315 calories. I actually broke a sweat because I have not done step aerobics in so long. So due to me sweating to death, I’m guessing the calories burned is right.  

When I first start doing your videos I was so out of shape and I couldn’t keep up. I could only do 5-10 mins and I would give up. Now I can do 1 hour without stopping! You’re so motivating and you always seem to have a smile and a positive attitude during your workouts which makes me want to keep going!!! Thanks again!!! Your compliment means a lot!!!!!!”  

-Comment left on Instagram from @interstellarintrovert













-Post left on my Jenny Ford Fitness Facebook page by Lyndsay Daniels


Dear Jenny,

I am one of your French participants from Paris! I wanted to write to let you know how HAPPY I am I have found you! Since I subscribed to your channel In March 2015 I have lost 9 kilos (only doing step and sometimes your marching videos) and hope to lose another 3! I used to be lazy (let’s be honest!) and I neglected myself. I don’t like gyms (I am too self conscious for that) and working at home is the best way to go for me. I take time for myself, work out 5 days a week and try to eat better (not always easy).

I can’t wait to work out everyday with you! I even feel bad when I work very late and can’t! I tried other workouts but I did not understand why the instructors yelled at me?! I only work out with you. You are THE BEST on YouTube, seriously there is no one like you. I can feel through my screen that you really care and want the best for your participants. You are a wonderful human being. It’s obvious.

I don’t use Facebook and can’t post this on your page but feel free to do it if you want. You changed the way I feel about myself and it feels good.

Thank you thank you thank YOU

👏😍 Regine


DAY 30 Hooray! ✔🎉🎊🎉🎊🎈🎈🎈I’m so proud of myself👏👏👏. This is the first challenge I’ve ever completed. It was really difficult at times😟. In the beginning it was more of a physical challenge💪. I struggled so much. It was tough😝. I felt it was way too much for me due to my weight (247). I still am not able to complete any of the videos without marching in place at some point, except for the restorative and flexibility. My family 👪 and Jenny👱 ( lol ) really kept me going. I was constantly being reminded to do what I could but to keep moving. My old self would have quit. Everyday my body and mood, aside from PMS, was feeling better and improving💪. This challenge was very engaging and fun😃. The mental challenge was sooooo hard and draining 😣😧. I definitely need to work on my self worth☺. On to the better stuff. It’s such a great feeling when people notice a physical change and they have no clue of the hard work because I don’t see them often. My family would say so but I thought they were just being nice. Then I started seeing the difference 😀😃 woooohoooo 😆. That was the biggest motivational boost ever!!! TMI: the hubby liked what he was seeing 😉😍. That’ll keep a girl going. Lol. I feel like I could go on and on about my inner transformation that has happened in these 30 days. I love the way Jenny has put it together. She has taken all of the thinking out of it so all you have to do is hit play and get moving💃. I’m so grateful I found her. Tears are falling from my face as I write. I have health issues and I feel Jenny has taken part in saving my life. Thank you Jenny 😚. It’s funny, I feel like you’re my friend in my head but in my heart💛. I got so involved, I felt like you created this challenge just for me. It’s hard to explain, really.
Whenever I’m doing your videos, I feel like we are two girlfriends working out together. My husband and daughter were there most times but it felt like it was just Jenny and I 😄. I’m so hooked 🎣. My journey is far from being over but I feel like I’m headed in a new and better direction. I can’t thank you enough, Jenny. You’re ultra awesome and I pray you are able to continue helping me and others. Weigh in results coming soon.

(Comment left on Instagram by )




I hope this email finds you well.

I have been doing Step Aerobics for roughly 15 years and have never burnt out on it.

 I was lead to you by a number of factors. My gym has gone through many phases and the current phase is not my favorite, my father recently died of Chronic Pancreatitis I am of age 29,  I needed to workout at home in order to save time as I was caring for my sick father until his passing on 4/4/15 exercise has always been my therapy, and lastly I needed to be able to do step more times per week then the gym offered.

I just wanted to Thank you for doing what you do! I would not have made it through my dads passing without doing step class to help me cope with it! I could not believe my eyes when I read how your father passed and you were about my same age!

I think we all deserve to hear nice things and you deserve the compliment. I often times can not wait to get home to do my Jenny Ford You Tube videos.

Thank you & have a great day,

Casey Marsch




So let me tell you a story. Last September I attempted to start losing weight. I did step aerobics WITHOUT the bench and though “this is so easy! And fun! I can do this!” Went out the next day and bought a bench. Tried it out that night with this routine (Zombie Step Aerobics) and didn’t even make it 5 minutes in. I seriously thought I was going to die and I sat on my couch and cried. I tried to use it a couple more times and it was so hard even with the beginner routines I put the bench in the corner and didn’t touch it again until the beginning of January. I’ve done this routine a couple more times since then and I have always had so much difficulty with it.

Today I started it and let me tell you – when the second combo came up and I actually succeeded in doing hams around the world I had the biggest smile on my face! I completed this entire routine, and didn’t have to stop! I did all the moves! I didn’t have to modify. I used to get so frustrated because I couldn’t understand what to make my feet do and add that on top on having to stop constantly – I hated this routine. It is now my favorite! Step aerobics is in no way easy but it is my go to and I love it! And Jenny ford has some of the best routines on YouTube!”

-Comment left on Instagram from @ahillis7706






With your fitness videos from YouTube and your help I’ve lost 27 kg. Thank you! Now that I’ve lost 27 kg my goal is to reach 30 kg. Thanks to your videos, it really works. I thank you for your great motivation.





I have to say that I LOVE your videos! Your are so easy to follow and weirdly it feels like you’re in the room with me. I’ve ‘graduated’ up from the basic Step Aerobics Basic w/ 3 Combos, and even though some people may find this pretty basic (to me it isn’t lol), it’s perfect for getting my heart rate up and burning calories. I can’t wait to try some of the more challenging ones in the future. It is so true that you get out what you put in. I’ve been doing your classes – including the Marching and ‘ghastly’ Abdominal one (I say ghastly because I felt stuff in my stomach area that I haven’t felt for years…and it wasn’t that pleasant lol!) a couple of times a week for the past month or so, and combining that with just eating better I am down 15lbs. Slow and steady is my plan, and the good thing is that I see this as something I can do forever, not just until I hit the ‘right’ weight. You’ve shown me that exercise can be fun and rewarding, and that it’s not a punishment for eating too many pies!  Keep up the good work! -nummulite99



Spicy Step is my favorite work out. I, too, couldn’t get all the steps the first time. But I liked the way you prepared us for upcoming, more complicated moves. I just kept at it. I even would stop the tape and rewind, and spent some time just watching ( at a later time). It was very helpful to just watch the whole tape through. I also practiced. Now that I’v e learned it, it’s so much fun. Except I want to just move ahead right to the weave I dig the challenge, and if it was too simple and easy it would be boring, for me. I know some people just might want to work out and ‘get er done’ but don’t give up! Try it again, and the steps will come to you. There are some steps I don’t do-and just modify them-partly due to the lack of space ( I work out in my guest bedroom/ partial office), and my dogs (mainly the Great Dane) have to follow me and I end up working around them! LOL! I love your choreography, and being a dancer first, i not only love the challenge of learning the moves, but the elements of dance in it. Rock On Jenny! Thanks! And for those of you who don’t get the moves, keep trying! – Pamela Easter

PS I used to teach step (and other) aerobics several years ago.  Pilates and yoga weren’t doing it for me, so I pulled out my step and started doing it.  I got bored, and couldn’t remember or think of new moves.  Light bulb! check online! I found your workouts. And I love them!! You are an excellent instructor and don’t just throw moves out there–you warm us up to them.  Of course, I don’t get them all the first time, but the choreography is exciting and I’m eager to get back to it the next day so I can learn all the steps.  Sometimes, if I just watch a part I’m not getting, I find i can figure it out that way.  I started with Spicy Step–which I love-and am working on Unexpected Step. Thanks!!


Image-1 (7)

I am so pleased I can contact u ! I live in southampton in the uk . I’m the one on the left I was in coco bongo in Mexico with my sister. she’s starting step too now. I’m over the moon u replied! I was overweight and quite down I decided to buy a step and start working out from youtube and I found u ! I started with your beginner step everyday now do the Step Aerobics w/3 combos I luv them I’ve lost 17 pounds just another half a stone to go but my whole body shape has changed thank u so much ! It’s hard work but worth it . Thank u for your advice and help ! My husband keeps laughing and saying up up down down it’s quite funny ! can’t wait for more step routines u look amazing thanku.

-Lisa Finlayson xxxx

Hey Jenny, since 3 days we have our step board and first tried a workout with the included DVD, but this workout was so dreadful, much too fast, completely unsuitable for beginners. So I looked on YouTube and found your videos and NOW WE HAVE FUN with Step Aerobics!!! You do a really great job!!! We can join in all good! Your nature is very sympathetic and motivating and we are really glad to have found you! Thanks a lot!


JennyFord-NursesHi Jenny!
I feel like I know you from your You Tube videos. We are a group of clinic nurses and staff who use your Step Aerobics w/3 combo’s after work, once a week. We have 4 regulars and others who join in when time allows. We use our lobby for your class.
I have lost 45 lbs. through weight watchers and exercise. More to go but I am very proud of my accomplishment. Especially since I’m the elder of our group (just turned 65). Can’t say I love the exercise like you seem to but it works! And I will admit to talking back to you sometimes when we work out. The Step Aerobics w/3 combo’s still kicks my butt every week. Thank you for helping us get/stay fit.


P.S. If you are ever in the Bay Area stop in and visit us. We are here most days and we do your Step Aerobics w/3 combo’s workout on Thursday’s after work at 5:30pm.



In reading a review of step aerobic DVDs on Amazon, your name was mentioned in a review of the DVD I was considering.  I skipped buying the DVD, found you on YouTube and have been hooked ever since.

I am a 41 year old wife and mother of two.  I am a teacher so I am currently enjoying my summer off; we live in Michigan.  I used to step years ago. My home step has been gathering dust in the basement. I pledged to lose some weight this summer and wanted to get back into step since I had enjoyed it so much.  I have been faithfully working out each morning. The pounds haven’t fallen off I like I had hoped but my clothes fit so much better it must be inches!

I need new sports bras. I read your post about that and am on track to get something better. Thank you!

PS…I love the location workouts.  Zion’s Step is my favorite!

Missi 🙂


Hi Jenny! I just want to say “Thank you” for your YouTube channel and the workouts you make available to everyone (like me). This is my 2nd week working out to your step videos and the Basic Step Malibu is my FAVE! and I’ve got all the moves down. WOOT! 2 weekends ago, I took my toddler daughter to the park. Normally, I go and sit and watch her play and my husband (having an amazing physique) will play with her. Unfortunately, he was unable to go with us. She BEGGED me to get on this little jeep-rocker with her…and I had to tell her no over and over because I’m too big to get on it with her. I left there feeling like I let her down. Tears are just falling now (good thing I haven’t done my make-up already)! I told my husband and bless his heart, he told me whatever I wanted to do, he would support me. I found a gym-size step on CraigsList, and went and picked it up. Then I found your videos on YouTube and began right away. It’s the first time I’ve worked out since my daughter was born 2.5 years ago. This week I have started counting calories too…so I’m hoping to see the weight disappear! I’m feeling great and excited to start my journey with you. I read your blog post:   “Are You Living?”  and discovered you’re not only amazing at step videos…but you are an amazing person as well. I love what you stand for. Thanks again!
a new fan


Hi Jenny;

I just finished the newer version of the Hawaii Step workout and LOVE it!  I think it is my new favorite.  haha!  I seriously never get tired of working out with you.

After reading your post yesterday on Facebook with the photo of Kathy Smith, I wanted to let you know my story is similar.  My husband is a family physician and we moved Saudi Arabia almost two years ago.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my step with me.  Shopping is difficult here to say the least.  Women can’t drive and the stores close during prayer times.  I was so desperate to do the step workouts when we first moved here, that I used thick packing foam boards from our shipment that I had cut to the right dimensions and duct taped together.  haha!  Eventually I did get a workout step and haven’t stopped “stepping” with you since.  I really do look forward to spending time with you every morning.  If I don’t have my “Jenny time”, everything is all out of whack for the day.

Thanks again,



JennyFord-SuccessStoryDear Jenny,
Thank you so much for the new 30 day challenge!! I can’t wait to start it tomorrow!!
Just wanted to take a second to also thank you for the amazing step videos that have been a source of major inspiration for me.
I have always had weight related self esteem issues. Even in college at 135 pounds, I felt fat and unattractive. My son was born in October, 1998, and since that time, my weight has vacillated between 135-200. Last February I took a group of my 8th grade students on an across country trip from Tucson, Arizona to Boston. It was a real shock not being able to buckle the seatbelt on the airplane, not to mention the shame and embarrassment it caused me.
When I got home from the trip, I decided to take control of my life and searched for any step aerobics videos I could find. Yours were the first I found.
I began my journey (with you ) March 8. As of 12/27, I have lost 70 pounds and am 7.8 from my goal. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement. Please know you touch many lives, and have definitely touched mine.

Laurie Hall


Hey. I turned another person on to you!
My non-fitness friend wanted to start a fitness program and bought the [super high-impact] program and hated it and thought she was gonna puke. I told her that was a terrible program for a beginner. Check out Jenny Ford! She has free workouts on YouTube!
So this is a quote from her email this morning.
“I did ‘Marching with Moves for Beginners’ and I kept up with her the whole time (even when she said I could do less if I needed to). I like her.”
I’m so happy! Accessible fitness! Woo! Every time a beginner asks me fitness advice I tell them about you. Your personality is so nice and encouraging. Your choreography is easy to follow.
I think she might stick with it this time instead of giving up after 3 days.
Thank you Jenny!



I just recently found your channel.  I’ve been working out about 4x a week since my mid 20’s (now 54 with three adult children).  I got in my best shape about 10 years ago when I lost 40 pounds by walking, weights, and swing dancing.  I was probably too thin.   Fast forward….went through menopause and horrible hot flashes, new marriage, job change, my mom passed away this year.  Menopause has been a killer.  Gained all my weight back, my knees are bad and joints hurt.  My job requires me to be on my feet the entire time, about 30 hours a week and my shifts change constantly.  I’m sure I would have gained more if I sat all day at work lol!   These workouts, while very simple moves, really get my heart rate up.  I cannot do a lot of high impact jumps anymore.  My goal is to get back down to my lower weight, and go dancing again.  I can do these workouts the same day I’m on a 9 hour shift.  Gives me more energy instead of draining me.  Just have to watch out for my knees.  I really like getting the job done in about 30 minutes. Thank you! -Pamela Binder




So HAPPY I found your step videos!!! my daughter (5 years old )and I love them I even have to get her a stepper!!! been doing your workouts at least 5 times a week and make sure they are over 30 min long and watching what I eat and in 2 weeks lost 10 pounds!!! I just wanted to share because I do think it’s your workouts that make it fun and easy that has helped me!!! I have tried different workouts and can’t stick to any of them so blessed to have found yours!!! Thank you and looking forward to more you post!!!




 I’m in love with your step videos. I just ordered a better stepper and looking forward to getting back on track. I love step aerobics and I love how your moves are not complicated. Most of these kinds of videos are to jazzy or fancy footed. I can focus and put in work with your videos. Keep em coming! -Vanessa Olszen






Me and the sister-in-law just finished the Aspen Trail Step. You were on our rotation this morning. We do one of your step videos about once a week. -Nichole







Hi Jenny,

I wanted to write and thank you so much for your amazing step aerobic workouts on YouTube! Ever since I had my daughter 4 years ago, I’ve found it hard to get back into shape and created a spiral of emotional eating. I tried walking outside and found that while I enjoyed it, I wasn’t burning the calories needed to drop the weight and feel really accomplished. In November, I bought a step bench and promised myself I’d pick up step over the winter as a way to stay active during the cold Maryland months. My family and I had made a move from NJ to MD in September when I started a new job and between the stress of that life change and my lack of motivation, I didn’t touch the bench until April 1st when I could no longer fit into my jeans even with a rubber band holding the button together. Needless to say, I was feeling unhealthy, unhappy and starting to get concerned that at 35, I had to make a change if I wanted to be around for my daughter for years to come. At 5′ tall, I had topped the scales at about 152 lbs which, on my frame, is no joke.

I found your YouTube channel and thought I’d give your videos a try. Well, 2 1/2 months later, I’m down 15 lbs and going strong with a goal to lose 12 more lbs and continue leading a more active lifestyle beyond that. I know I can do it now thanks to your videos. I wake up every other morning at 5:45 to fit my workout in before getting ready for work and taking my daughter to preschool. My favorite step workouts are Aspen Trail, Malibu and Hawaii. Notice a theme? I love your on-site location workouts the best. Please do more of them! Working out using your videos feels like working out with a friend and I find myself answering you frequently when you ask the camera if i’m feeling alright.

I also wanted to get your professional opinion and ask if when I’m ready for more intensity, is it better to add an additional riser (I currently use one at 6″) or just increase the frequency of my workouts? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing what new videos you put up on YouTube.

Jill Sprague

Baltimore, Maryland


CassieSuccess-JennyFordWell it’s me again posting… Guess what I did!! You, my Step, and a very sweaty me! Made it through your new beginner step workout! And no Paaaain!! I’m so happy about this! I’m going to do Step by Step 2 a few more times to build some confidence in that foot. Felt great to be at it again! (I stepped on the scale and nearly passed out with what I’ve gained back since not working out :S… But onward and upward darn’t!!) this combined with your Strength Workouts and Killer Abs should make for a good routine for awhile.. I love this workout cause it’s very low impact and it’s helping me with balancing on my left foot.. Woot!! Insert “celebrate good times” music here! =D!!!!!!


I just subscribed to your YouTube Channel 🙂 I have always loved step since it was first introduced but not many people produce fun, understandable routines anymore that keep the heart rate high enough for results but not overwhelming such that I cannot stay with it or do the “fancy” steps. You have cleverly used the interval training technique throughout the workouts in a way that is not exhausting but presents a challenge to the cardiorespiratory system–and builds lower body and core strength as well. An added plus and important one is your very nice personality, so thank you! 🙂  -Cynthia Fry



Hi Jenny

Loving your step aerobics xx The last time I did step was in 1993 many moons ago. Out of all the different exercises, aerobics, zumba , step is my fav. Oh my little granddaughter Lexie likes it as well lol







Dear Ms. Ford,

I can’t thank you enough for your step videos and irrepressible positive attitude. I’ll continue to buy them, so please keep making them!! Go on another vacation and bring your step! 🙂

I check your site regularly for new videos so I don’t get bored or burned out. Love [ Step by Step 2 ] the 4 combos and then the weave. Love the split basic around the world, figure 8’s, curb stomp around the corner, funky push, and all the great varieties that keep it fun!

Please please please keep ‘em coming!





I stumbled across your step aerobics videos on YouTube one day when I began searching for an exercise program. I have lived away from my home country of Australia for the last 6 years and in that time I had gained a lot of weight due to my poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

I couldn’t bear to look at photos of myself anymore so I decided to make a change. I fell in love with your step aerobics workouts as soon as I started trying them. They are easy to follow and so much fun!

I started to use your videos to exercise regularly, and kept a food diary so I could monitor the food I was eating. It’s taken me a year but in this time I’ve lost a total of 29kg (64lbs).

I look great, feel great and owe a big part of it to your videos! I hope you will continue to inspire people to make changes for the better. I always look forward to your new videos.

Pak Chong, Thailand (formerly, Gold Coast, Australia)


Hi Jenny,

You are so sweet, and thank you so much for taking the time to respond.  I am so grateful to you for the link as well.

Thank you for your encouraging workouts…I will tell you that I researched a lot before I started doing step aerobics, and your videos are the only ones I will do…you have made such an impact on my fitness and weight loss, and my life as a whole,and I am truly grateful.  I get excited when it’s ‘step aerobics day’ and I have never been excited about exercise in the past.  Saying ‘thank you’ hardly seems adequate, but THANK YOU! (Somehow putting it in all caps means more…lol).

Have a wonderful day, and thank you again, so much!




Hi Jenny –

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your step aerobics videos you have produced and put on YouTube.

My partner and I had recently moved into a new house that wasn’t terribly close to a gym so it was easy to ignore it. I bought an Original Step from Amazon last year in February with the intention of working out more to lose weight. I started out looking for videos from my local library and to buy through Amazon and was quickly discouraged seeing most were straight from the 80s or were really poorly put together. I found your Step by Step workout on YouTube and used that for a while.

I ended up getting a new job in July last year working for a company out of San Francisco but remotely. Not leaving the house for work gave me the ability to work out over lunch almost every day and keep a rhythm going. I ended up purchasing Step by Step and used it for months. I kept using that video until it got old and then bought Step by Step 2 and today just bought Step by Step 3. I think next I’ll move to the more advanced moves once #3 becomes old :).

Your variety of videos, scenery and your teaching style is great. I was up to 285lb last year, having last been my lightest in late 2010 at 235lb. Since working out with your videos, doing some biking during the summer and being generally more active I’m down to 239lb. I’m still motivated to keep going and the step aerobics are lower impact than the running I used to do. I had hurt my knee and got shin splints which is one reason I stopped and gained the weight back.

Sorry for the blabbering but I just wanted to know how much of an impact your work has made on my life so far. I really appreciate your efforts at creating content that’s fun to do, interesting to watch and well directed so that I don’t get discouraged when I can’t catch a move right away. Great job and thanks!!


Aaron Douglas

Milwaukee, WI


Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your YouTube channel. I am a stepper and since moving to the Tulsa, Ok area and learning most gyms here don’t offer step classes, I found your channel. I love your weights and cardio series, do those at least a couple days a week, plus the step series at least three days a week. Good instructors such as you are a blessing.

 I am sure my family is happy I get to workout with you cause I get grumpy if I don’t get my workout time , LOL! Thanks for letting me work out with you via YouTube.

Cecillia Sylvester


RebeccaSuccess-JennyFordMy name is Rebecca Hogg. I am 41 years old. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. In the summer of 2012, I was desperate to lose weight after my third pregnancy. I have tried other workouts in the past, but was never able to stick to them. I found I would get angry and frustrated when I couldn’t do something and it left me so sore and exhausted that I would get discouraged quit exercising altogether. It also didn’t help with my self esteem to hear the fitness instructors on the various DVDs tell me to push myself harder or I wouldn’t get results. When I started doing Jenny’s workouts I was amazed to find that instead of feeling discouraged, sore, and tired, I felt toned, energised and motivated to keep going! I found her workouts easy to follow and uplifting. They would make me want to make better food choices and drink more water in the day. I found myself parking the car further away so I could get extra exercise in. Thanks to Jenny and her amazing workouts I have been able to lose over 70 lbs in a year. I workout with Jenny 5 to 6 days a week and I am so excited to keep going. When I do my workouts with Jenny, I feel like I’m working out with a friend. I can’t thank Jenny enough for changing my health and changing my life!


Dear Jenny,

My birthday present to myself yesterday was to start exercising.

I want to thank you for the Beginner Step Aerobics video you have on YouTube. It was exactly what I needed for my first time exercising in over 5 years.

You give just the right amount of encouragement.

From the bottom of my heart…Thank You for doing what you do.



AndrewSuccess-JennyFordSuccess story sent in from Andrew’s wife, Sara:

So proud of my honey and all his success. 3 years ago we both started losing weight slowly. He has lost a total of 93.2 pounds. 70 of which he completed in only 1 year by being a strict calorie counter with myfitnesspal (an app) and by religiously working out to Jenny Ford’s workouts. His dedication is astounding!

La Crescenta, California




Big fan, totally committed!!!! Absolutely love your step workouts!!!!
You give the feel good hormone Serotonin a completely new meaning!!!
Anyway, I am sure by now you know that I really enjoy your workouts, I
do them at home at least four times a week.  Totally addicted!!!

I particularly enjoy the Aspen Step and Weights and Montana Step with Weights.  I like
the fact that it is a complete workout, you get a bit of everything.
I feel my whole body is targeted.

Thought I would plant a seed and suggest you consider bringing out a
few more of your step with weights workouts, I am sure many ladies out
there would agree with me and be very grateful.
Anyway, just some FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!

Continue what you do, we love you!!!



Hello!In reading a review of step aerobic DVDs on Amazon, your name was mentioned in a review of the DVD I was considering.  I skipped buying the DVD, found you on YouTube and have been hooked ever since.I am a 41 year old wife and mother of two.  I am a teacher so I am currently enjoying my summer off; we live in Michigan.  I used to step years ago. My home step has been gathering dust in the basement. I pledged to lose some weight this summer and wanted to get back into step since I had enjoyed it so much.  I have been faithfully working out each morning. The pounds haven’t fallen off I like I had hoped but my clothes fit so much better it must be inches!I need new sports bras. I read your post about that and am on track to get something better. Now I need advice on shoes. Can you steer me toward a brand or store or website? Do I need “aerobic” shoes?  Thank you!PS…I love the location workouts.  Zion’s Step is my favorite!Missi 🙂


“OMGosh this work out is amazing! I simply LOVE it. After my treadmill broke and gaining about 100lbs over the last 3 years I knew it was waaay past time to get back on track. I signed on to a popular weight loss program and incorporated a simple walking routine at a local walking park, and almost immediately lost 12lbs with dedication, commitment and hard work. Soon the over-crowded walking park and impossibly small parking lot became too much for me and I began to back slide on my exercise routine. I bought a treadmill but simply was NOT using it. I remembered my step board gathering dust  under the bed and pulled it out. Then I found this workout, Step Aerobics Basic w/3 Combos, and now I’M FREE once again from the shackles of boring workouts and crowded public workout places! And boy do I sweat to this. I love the simplicity of the routine and the sneaky intensity of it. LOL. For me this step program is perfect and absolutely NOT BORING!!! Thanks JENNY FORD for giving me my body and my life back!”   -1girlup
Dear Jenny,
here are Birgit (46 years) and Antonia (12 years old) from Germany.
Antonia insists on writing you for thanking you so much for your videos on YouTube – and she is right!
We are living on the country and this is connected with long ways to get somewhere where you can make fitness training with steps.
So we bought 2 steps and found your great videos on YouTube!
Me, Birgit, was formerly somethimes 3h a day in a fitness studio but because of the long ways this is not so easy.
Antonia loves running  – with this alternative training she now became faster – faster than the older girls in her group:-)
And especially I had a bad problem with my back, it is getting better and better. Also my fitness.
Last year we were in the Bavarian Forest for skiing (the mountains there are really not high, you can believe me:-) and I had to stop all the time because of burning femorals and bad breath.
It was no fun…But: After a lot of weeks training with your videos:
Last week we were in the Alps (high!) and I had no problem with skiing down, nothing was burning.
It was such a fun the whole weekend!
Next step is to reduce my weight – I ordered now a DVD from you.
You make a great job !
So thank you – and go on this way!
Love, Birgit and Antonia!
Hi Jenny,
I did your Spicy Step this morning and I loved it.  I used to take an Intermediate Step class at a gym that incorporated all those types of movements into the routine, and the instructor would do the same routine each Monday & Wednesday and then change the routine every 2 weeks.  Her class structure was also similar to how you did yours: easy breakdown, develop into more complex move, do the whole combo, move on to next combo, etc.
Unfortunately, that class was cancelled because it was too complex for beginners and a lot of newbies who came to the class got discouraged.  After the class was dropped, I left the gym, and I can’t find anything like what my former teacher taught, or anything like your Spicy Step.  I was wondering if you will be making any more Step videos in this style or can point me to other people with videos that I could buy so I can alternate my routines and keep it fresh?
Thank you for such a great work out!  I can’t wait to do it again, and check out your other videos.
Warm Regards,
Jenna Baxter

 Hi Jenny, thank u so much for your wonderful videos, especially Step Aerobic. I watch them (and work with you)  via YouTube on my big TV in my living room! It feels so good to be active! Normally, I go jogging 3 times the week, but in winter I have a big break. This winter I trained with you! I live in Germany and I found no better videos then yours! I think, you are so likeable!

Greetings from Germany,


I have started doing your step aerobics and I love it. I changed my lifestyle to eating right and exercising everyday. I have lost 61 pounds and feel great. Thank you for sharing your videos.



Firstly, I have really been enjoying your workouts. They give me enough of a challenge to strengthen my legs, and I know that because of this I have a higher endurance level. Secondly, I am glad that you are selling your workouts as well (my internet is constantly wonky). Thirdly, thanks for being here on YouTube. It feels good to use this site with a purpose. I look forward to more of your videos, and I wish us all good health! 💕💜💕  –Raven Wing

I just starting searching for step aerobics and your videos can up. I watched it first today and I will be trying it tomorrow. I torn my rotator cuff and I gain 30lbs in 3 months. I believe your step routines are the answer for me to lose this weight. I will let you know how it’s working out for me in 30 days.  -Natalie C.


Jenny I just want to acknowledge you for helping me lose 33 lbs and 22 inches off my body. Thank you for all you do xo  – Philip Santiano (Comment left on YouTube for — Step Aerobics in Malibu. )

OMG Im so glad I found you…im a stay at hm mom of 5 and the youngest are twins…Its 11:49 pm right now and I just got done with this workout and I feel great..happy stepper here…lol…great job!  – Jackie Nicole (Comment left on YouTube for — Step Aerobics Basic w/3 Combos)


Jenny, please keep including the timer in future workouts, it is unique, I have not seen it in any other workout video so far. It just crossed my mind that you are the only trainer yet who does not wear skimpy clothes while working out and I love that 🙂 I workout with your videos at least 3 times a week, I think I have transitioned from a beginner to intermediate level, I am finding it easier these days to keep up with you.  –Mita M.  (Comment left on YouTube for – Zombie Step Aerobics)

Getting back to working out after about year of putting it off. I love how you build each combo step by step. So easy to keep up and yet leaves me with a great cardio workout. Thanks so much!  –Allison Womack  (Comment left on YouTube for — Hi Lo Cardio 2)


@Jenny Ford — Thank you so much!!…it really has made a difference. It not only makes me feel better but it is also a lot of fun! I’m eleven and love your videos. And one request: Please make more of these!!! aerobics preferably. These exercises are making a big difference! Thanks again! xxx  –MaariyahT  (Comment left on YouTube for — Kids Workout 2 of 2)


I really love your workouts; they’re by far the best step routines I’ve seen. Challenging but not too hard to follow, mostly because of your excellent direction throughout. I started doing your routines about 4 months ago, and since the beginning of the year, I’ve lost more than 40 pounds!! More importantly, my blood pressure has dropped significantly, and my cardio health has improved dramatically. Your workouts are a super important part of my fitness regimen, and I attribute a great deal of my success to you and them. I really can’t express enough appreciation to you.  ~Anne Henrich


Hey Jenny.. Just wanted to share this with you.. I’ve been doing your beginners walking workout for awhile… ( the one with the cardio pushes in it…) I finally got myself a heart rate monitor and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.. My max heart rate is 190… I swear I was at 175 almost the whole workout..that’s awesome! 400 calories later!I never thought I burned that much!! Wicked workout for only 30 mins!! And it goes by so fast.. I also wanted to share that because of diet and your workouts.. I’ve so far lost 47 lbs  Thank you for your great routines and your motivation! Wish I could take a class of yours in person!! All the best!!  -Cassie Hubbard (Comment left on YouTube for — Marching with Moves for Beginners)


Would like to take this chance to say a big thank you I have been doing 5 days a week with your different workouts aerobics and step and have lost a stone and have never felt better your videos are like you are in the room and feels as if you are helping me along x  -Samantha Cooper  (Comment left on YouTube for — Marching with Moves for Beginners)

I LOVE the few MARCHING VIDEOS you have. I also use your step workouts.. but I LOVE THESE. I’ve done every Leslie Sansone video you can think of since I was 16.. now 29. These are faster pace.. higher energy and have me sweating like crazy! <3 MAKE MORE! 🙂 <3  -Stephanie Dobson  (Comment left on YouTube for — Marching with Moves for Beginners)

Jenny, I have a 20 mo old – hard to find time and place to workout. I enjoyed a step workout video of yours a while back but just getting the step out to use seemed like a deterrent … no props makes it so much more feasible. Love the simplicity of this.  I just need something to get my heart rate up 30 min a day! Looking forward to using this marching workout tool more! PLUS … I enjoyed the setting in a small space with window view of city, makes it more realistic and shows that I can do this in limited space … -Cherie Nicholson (Comment left on YouTube for — Marching with Moves for Beginners)
loved this workout – it was very challenging for me, but I’m just getting into fitness.  I love the alternation between cardio and weights.  Definitely dripping by the end.  The second weight segment for arms was intense! -Ann Henrich  (Comment left on YouTube for  —  Aspen Step and Weights)
I have seen your workouts pop up many a times, but haven’t tried one, well I did today, this one, and I loved it! 🙂 I have loved step workouts since forever and they have died out 🙁 So thank you so much for providing these, I will definitely check our your other workouts! Great cueing! -Kinsey Flauding (Comment left on YouTube for — Aspen Step and Weights)
Hello Jenny! I just wanted to thank you so much for this video and any other videos you make. I’m a person of a very poor health. I started to workout with you to strengthen my immunity and generally become stronger. A few months ago I couldn’t even finish 15 minutes of your Step by Step. But you are such a lovely person, so encouraging, I kept trying and working hard. Now I can make your workouts without breaks and I feel soo much better. You’re truly amazing. THANK YOU! Love from Poland :*  -MSeraphine (Comment left on YouTube for — Montana Step and Weights/5 Intervals)


I love this workout. No complicated combinations where you keep making mistakes. in this workout you can continue. great for a beginner. Jenny thank you! -Carla Timmer (Comment left on YouTube for — Basic Step Aerobics)

OMG Jenny you are wonderful. My goal is to make it through the entire work-out w/no breaks. well at this point I just want to make through the work out. Completely covered in sweat and I only made to 28.36 but one next week it’s on 🙂 Great class.  -Slyckchica2  (Comment left on YouTube for — Step Aerobics Fitness Cardio Workout)


I want to thank you for all these videos…!!! I have lost 3 kgs of fat and i have been gaining the same in muscles. My physician was very impressed with the results. Thank you Jenny for helping me to have this new body and this new way to see the life. I love working out watching your step videos at home. You are awesome and my favorite step trainer!!  –Jamie Leonel  (Comment left on YouTube for — Step by Step 3)


This is amazing!. I’ve been doing the step workouts and I started this today I love it!. Thank you so much Jenny for sharing your work. You’re my favorite trainer.  –danielitaaa07  (Comment left on YouTube for — Classic Weight Toning)


Wanted to recommend to all of you watching these to go download them. They are great workouts and the download was very easy. I highly recommend ALL of Jenny’s workouts. Great workout, great cueing, fun choreography. Thanks, Jenny! –TheDrew0301  (Comment left on YouTube for — Step by Step 2)


Hi, Jenny, first of all I want to thanks you, for all the videos that you share with us 🙂 I’m on a diet, and your routines help me to complement it. I´d started with 1 routine (30 min aprox) but now, I’m working 1 hour and 30 min (three routines) and… I lost 13 lb and counting!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!  –Julyweb1  (Comment left on YouTube for — Marching with Moves)


Love love love this and all of the basic how to heart is soaring and my legs feel it. Great for adults because its a short combo of all your moves.Thank you for your videos, the tempo is super and timing is great for a.m and pm workouts. — Leah Benavides  (Comment left on YouTube for — Kids Workout 1 of 2)


Hi Jenny, Just wanted to say thanks for your videos. I’m in my mid 40’s and have always tried to be fit. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia so exercising is hard but you make it easy and interesting. I’ve been doing Denise and Gilad for years. You’re right up there with those titans of fitness!! Thanks!! — Tracy (Comment left on YouTube for — Weights Toning Fitness)


Okay So Jenny Girl… listen… I am so not ready for Insanity and its not really that fun.. mostly because I cant do it just yet!…I had really lost hope.. till I found your channel… Not only am I sitting here Drenched I actually had fun… and trust me as a guy sometimes it hard to admit when you cant do something and you feel like a failure.. your videos are cool and perfect for my goals.. THANKS JENNY –Sure Thing  (Comment left on YouTube for — Latin Zoom)


Jenny this work out is awesome!!! could not laugh hard cos my abs hurt so much… a good way i guess:-) –yendeogun (Comment left on YouTube for — Killer Killer Abs)


Dear Jenny, thank you so much for making great Step Aerobic workouts, I also love your Marching with moves, since I’ve been following your workouts I lost 15 pounds. Your Step by step workout is great, not too difficult but the endurance that makes my cardio vascular really working. Your commands are really clear. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards/Nap.  (Comment left on YouTube for — Unexpected Step)


Oh my word! You teach just like my favorite step teacher, and I was cruuuushed when her classes were cancelled. I love this! Please keep making videos! I’d pay money for good step routines like this! Forget Zumba! I want to dance some spicy moves while stepping!  –Jenna Baxter (Comment left on YouTube for — Spicy Step)


I couldn’t go the gym regularly because of my 2 little kids. This video is so inspiring and so useful. i don’t normally like working out at home all alone but this did not make me feel alone at all. This is the first time that I am writing a comment on something in youtube. i liked your video so much that I can’t stop raving about it. Thank you so much. –Priti Kommera (Comment left on YouTube for — Step by Step)


Hi Jenny! I just want to send a huge THANK YOU your way! I am a stay at home mom to a three year old little girl. Now that school is out for the summer, I needed an exercise regimen to do at home. I love your videos! They are EXACTLY what I was looking for!! This is the only exercise program I literally look forward to doing everyday! Thanks again 🙂           –Lauren Stanga (Comment left on YouTube for — Step by Step)


I absolutely love this workout. I always use my HRM and analyse my workout afterwards. When I first started doing this workout, my calorie burn was 500+!! Now that I have been doing it for two weeks, my calorie burn is down to 400 calories, which is still fantastic. I know I can up the calorie burn by adding more height to my step or popping each step. Love it, Jenny, and thanks!  –Maria Baxter  (Comment left on YouTube for — Step by Step)

Love this video!! I lost 35 pounds doing this every day. Stopped for a little while and gained ten back. Starting back up!! Turns up I can’t live with out it! –Heather Hansen  (Comment left on YouTube for — Hi-Lo Cardio)

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