How to Download To:

iOS Devices – iPad, iPhone

The ‘app’ way to download videos 

iPads and iPhones, are great, but are NOT computers. They lack a file/download management system.  The app market has the solution.

There are download managers’ or ‘video download’ apps (both free and paid), one of the best is called,  idownloader.    It will work for videos, PDF files, and MUCH more.


To use idownloader

Hold your finger on the video link, and then a window will open up.

Select ‘copy’.

Open the idownloader app, and go into the browser tab (tabs across the bottom), and paste that link.  Once you paste it, a window opens up.  Select ‘Download’ to download the file.

It will show the filename and you need to select the ‘save to folder’.  Select the folder or create a new folder to put it in.

Follow this process for each link.


Can’t Find Downloads

MAC, check your downloads folder or your desktop.

PC, here is more from the Microsoft website: Where are downloaded files saved?

When you download files, Windows usually saves them in the Downloads folder which is located under your user name in the users folder on the drive where Windows is installed (for example C:\users\your name\downloads). When you are saving the file, you can choose to save it to a different folder. Some different types of files are saved to different folders by default.

For example, if you right-click a picture on a webpage and then choose Save Picture As from the menu, the picture will be saved to the Pictures folder by default. If you’re not sure where the file was saved, you can search for it from the Start menu.

NOTE:  For Windows users, you might have to temporarily disable any pop-up blocker or internet ‘security’ software to while you download the file.  For whatever reason, these programs cause a lot of issues with file downloads.  You can turn them right back on after you have finished downloading your files which should only take a few seconds to a few minutes.