The Rising Generation Step it Up


Look out world, step is back! I have been grinning ear to ear all day after seeing the Whitney High School students doing Step Aerobics with their amazing PE teacher Mr. John Bosco. Over this past summer, I got to know John through emails. (I’ve attached the original email I received from him below.)





Last spring his students requested that step aerobics be offered at their school, and I absolutely love that they had John, a teacher willing to put in time and effort to learn how to teach step. In fact, over the summer months (on his time off) I know he put in tons of practice time to get ready. I got this email after he taught his first step class:




Truly the icing on the cake was to watch the live video with Mr. Bosco teaching his class. I love his energy and that his class is having a great time stepping! I think John Bosco is on to something, teaching step to the younger generation by bringing it back to basics. The world needs more PE teachers like John Bosco, ones that have a genuine love and care for their students! One thing for certain, step is a fantastic workout no matter your age.

Video credit: Olivia Grahl, Editor,


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