Thigh Gaps and Booties


Maybe you have a thigh gap and maybe you don’t. Blessed with a big bootie or a small one?  Honestly, I find it hard to understand the glamorization of thigh gaps and booties. And anyway, is it even possible to have a thigh gap and a booty at the same time? What if beauty doesn’t lie in the size and shape of your body?

I remember from a young age looking in magazines to see if my body shape came close to anything I could find there. I’ve always been tall, really tall, placed on the back row for school pictures. Even to this day my nearly 6′ frame is still on the back row smiling away with all the men.

When I was 13, a guy friend told me that if a girl could hold a quarter between her upper thighs, her knees, and her ankles she had the perfect legs. I’m pretty sure when I was alone in my room that night, I tested out his theory.

What if, at such a young and vulnerable age, I’d been armed with a better outlook? Or all through high-school and even into college. It’s taken me many years to realize that beauty is so much more than a physical measurement.

I now understand, perfect legs help carry a tired child up to bed, move continuously through a family hike up the mountain, give strength to hold a child on the hip while cooking dinner or vacuuming a room, help lift and carry boulders and bricks in the yard, dance through a family dance-off, take a meal over to a suffering friend, get you through a great workout, and help to stand tall and proud of all that’s accomplished each day.

If you want to get your legs stepping and moving, feel free to try my newest Step Aerobics workout filmed in Hawaii below.



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