What is Your ‘Why’?

Recently I did a post on social media asking people to tell me, what their ‘why’ is, or reason(s) why they set time each day to workout. I had so many inspiring responses that it moved me to write a post featuring some of my favorite answers.

Hannah and her beautiful family.

Hannah said, (pictured here on the right), “This is my reason. My gorgeous family. Exercising keeps me sane, keeps me strong and keeps me healthy. Oh and wine and chocolate!!!”

I love that! Exercising doesn’t have to be guilt-driven. In fact, there are so many mental health benefits to putting in a sweat session each day. Not to mention, the more consistent you are, the stronger you’ll become! I truly believe treats can be a part of a healthy lifestyle as well!

I’m a firm believer that if you find something you enjoy doing, your workout time can be something you actually look forward to!




Another one of my participants @strongerthaneveryfear (video below) posted herself doing my Montana Step and Weights 2 workout found on YouTube here. She said, “I work out because punching people in the face is frowned upon. 😂😂 It’s my biggest form of stress relief and allows me to cool down and collect myself before making rash decisions. Currently, I use it to help me be healthy for this baby. I’m considered an obese pregnant lady and high risk due to that as well as miscarriages and eclampsia in previous pregnancies. Exercising and eating right are in my control. I can proudly say I’ve only gained 10 pounds and am just over 6 months pregnant. This will be the first pregnancy where I haven’t gained 30-50 pounds, so I’m stoked about that.”

Fantastic! Look at her go! I love that she is taking charge of the things she can control in her life. What a super mama! Great motivation, to be the best you can for your precious baby and children who count on you to be there mentally and physically every day.

Kim and her sweet son Jason.

From Kim, who is doing my Marching with Moves in Nauvoo Workout found on YouTube here, (pictured on the right), “My reason to stay in shape, my two handsome boys.    This is a pic of me and Jason, my eldest son. We’re doing one of your workouts together. I love his enthusiasm. Liam, my youngest tries to join us sometimes for a little while. He will be 5 in November.”

What a great example! I love that Kim is taking care of herself, and teaching her sons to do the same! Her influence will have far reaching effects on her sweet boys!

Another step participant, Barbara said, “After 40+ years, it’s my time. Family raised, career worked, no regrets there. But all that time, battling my weight and feeling bad about myself. Now, at 60 years old, I feel better than I ever have and I owe so very, very much of that to you, Jenny.  You keep me moving and sweating and finally in control. That’s my why. 

That to me is absolutely inspirational! It goes to show, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself! I love reading comments like Barbara’s! Makes my heart truly happy!

Heather and her lovely family.

One last response I’d like to share is from Heather (pictured on the left) who said, “This is my why, after a 54 lb. weight loss and dropping, It’s my family! I’m stress free, feel better and am able to serve my family and church as a better stronger woman! 💕 I love you step videos and instruction! I stepped years ago when I was in college. 2 years ago I started my weight lose journey via walking and running. I’ve had to find alternative exercises as I’ve had a hamstring strain and step seems to fit the bill! Thank you!!!”

So beautifully said! Thank you for sharing Heather and congrats on all your hard work!

If you’re not sure what your ‘why’ is, I challenge you to take a moment and think about it. Truly centering on the reason(s) you take care of yourself is a much better incentive any day for long-term success than motivating yourself through guilt, hatred, or shame. Find your purpose and I guarantee you’ll find your ‘why’.

I’d love to hear your ‘why’ too! Feel free to leave me a comment below, or email me anytime at: contact@jennyford.com

And if you’d like to be featured with your transformation story, send me an email. I’m currently updating my website with wonderful stories of participants who have had success working out with me. Let me know if you have questions!

Have you heard? My Step Across America 1-5 is now available for download on my website here. If you want to try the first one in the series, where we filmed in Newport, Oregon, it’s up on my YouTube channel. You can also try all 5 workouts on Amazon Prime Video. (Only available in the USA, UK, Japan, and Germany at this time.) As always, I’d love to hear from you anytime!


2 thoughts on “What is Your ‘Why’?

  1. I have been doing your step classes for a long time. I have bee n teaching these moves in most of my classes. You are the best. Thank you for all you do, you’re the best.

  2. Dear Jenny, as I’ m neither registrated on Instagram nor on Facebook or Twitter, I will tell you something about my “why” right here. My name is Susi and I’ m working as a teacher in a tutoring school. Over the years I became a bit overweight,so I decided to do something against it. I bought a crosstrainer, a rowing machine and started to practise every day, but nothing helped. The months went by and our gorgeous summer holiday was about to come: We wanted to go to Madeira, this beautiful Portugese island for a hiking tour, and I knew, if I didn’t lose any weight at all, I would never get uphill on the mountains at all.
    Then I discovered your gorgeous exercises and workouts on youtube and Amazon Prime. I started practising every and also started to sweat a lot during every exercise I did. Et, voilà, I lost 5 kilos after 3 month, which was a great success for me, because I don’ t like diets.
    The best of all was, I was successful in climbing the Madeira mountains and walking along the Levadas in very good physical condition, I didn’t even suffer from high blood pressure any longer because of my daily practise with your workouts. Many, many thanks for that. I still go on with your exercises and will never miss them.😊😊😊
    Love and greetings from Langenfeld /Germany

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