Your Life – Are You Living?

Your life is uncertain.  You never know what you’ll encounter; what you’ll experience.  The only certainty is that we’re born and sometime we’ll die.  What we do in between, shapes us, and makes us who we are.  I believe in ‘karma’.  I’ve seen it happen, in the most unexpected ways.  Sometimes in blatantly absurd ways.  I also believe in trying to make the lives of those around you a little better each day.  Within each of us is the ability to touch lives, every day.  Open your eyes.  You’ll see opportunities. Listen, really listen.  Don’t think of what you want to say while someone talks to you.  Be excited and supportive of your loved one’s dreams and aspirations.  Be their biggest genuine cheerleader, and it will return to you tenfold.YourLifeJENNYFORD

Your life is to be enjoyed.  My husband and I recently went out to dinner.  We don’t eat out a whole lot.  I really enjoy cooking and love spending time together eating as a family. When we were seated I looked over and saw a girl standing up against the wall, shoulders slumped, sad countenance, carrying a great heaviness. I figured she was waiting on a take out order.  She was trying not to take up space, trying not to be noticed, though she was very very large in size.  I wanted to look her in the eyes and tell her that she was beautiful, that she was born to do things that no one else could do quite like she could.  I wanted to remind her of the childhood dreams and aspirations buried somewhere deep inside, alive – waiting to be lived.

Your life is hard.  Let’s face it.  Life is unpredictable and downright difficult at times.  Aside from my personal belief in God, I do have one thing that has pulled me through many difficulties in my life — staying physically active.  A reawakening happens when we take time for ourselves, when we take care of bodies, and make our personal health and physical well-being a priority. Starting doesn’t have to be huge or complicated.  Get outside for a short walk every day — go up and down your block.  Just a few minutes, to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, to reflect on life, and all the wonderful things you were born to do.  We each have so much to give, and when we allow time to take care of our physical bodies, something magical happens.  Our potential is awakened.  Our light begins to shine. We realize we can each make a difference.

Your life should be lived.  Life is meant to be lived, not carefully, quietly standing up against a wall, hiding out of the way.  When you give yourself time to nurture and take care of the beautiful body you were born with, you’ll have more enlightenment on the path you’re meant to travel, on what you have to give, and the joy you’re meant to feel. That’s my promise to you. (Still skeptical? Check out how fitness has transformed the lives of my participants in their success stories here.)

What dream do you have that you’ve been too afraid to try?  What aspiration have you been putting off?  I’d love to hear from you.  Whatever it is, it’ll bring such fulfillment.  When you give yourself the gift of health, you give your best self to those around you.  It may take some time to rediscover what you have to share, but it’s there.  Start moving, just a little each day.  Live the life you were meant to live!

If you want to start some physical activity in your home, I’m always here to help.  Feel free to use any of the workouts on my Jenny Ford Fitness YouTube Channel.  Many of my participants love my Marching with Moves for Beginners. It’s definitely a great place to start.  If you enjoyed reading this post, please share!  Thanks!

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