Welcome to the guilt-free fitness zone! I’m so glad you’re here! Exercise is not meant to be a punishment. In fact, exercise enriches our lives in so many incredible ways. Your body is powerful! It does amazing things. View your body as a dynamic instrument, focus on all it can do, feel, and be! Then exercise time you have each day will become a joyful experience, not drudgery.

I LOVE when step lovers all over the world find their way to my workouts! I’m just as sad as you when your local gym cancelled all your favorite step classes. I created a YouTube fitness channel with over 20 full-length Step Aerobics workouts you can work your way through, and I’ll continually add more. (I’ve uploaded other workouts for my non-steppers too.) If you love the convenience of working out at home on your schedule, and are looking for safe, fun, quality workouts, I’m here for you!

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website-aboutAbout Me: I started as a group fitness instructor teaching water aerobics so my sons could have free swim lessons. Teaching group fitness opened up a joy inside of me I had never experienced before! In 2008, I certified as a fitness instructor and had the amazing opportunity to attend a ‘One-on-One Instructor Training’ with Christi Taylor.

In 2009 I filmed my first step workout DVD called UnexpectedStepUnexpected Step. Once the DVD was complete I sent it off to Collage Video for review. At the time, Collage had a very intensive review process, where real-live instructors would extensively evaluate workouts that were submitted. I was over the moon when they requested an order from me. My DVD was being sold next to all of the amazing fitness professionals I’d worked out with in my home through the years.

Shortly after I turned 30, I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer.  Exercise gave me strength to face tough times in life, including losing my dad.  As a result, I’m very passionate about providing affordable (FREE), quality workouts for everyone.  I try to include a variety of workouts on my site and YouTube Channel, to give you lots of options to work out at home. I’ve even put together five 30 Day Workout Programs, in addition to my Learn to Step program and my Marching Program you can start at any time.

I love hearing from my participants all over the world. Send me your success story.  I’d love to feature you! No success is too small. I especially enjoyed reading comments from Susan, one of my participants on the Video Fitness Forum. She gave a review of my latest DVD, and my workouts as a whole:



Certifications/ Degree:

Certified AFAA Group Fitness Professional. CPR and AED certified. IDEA Health and Fitness Member. Certified in BOSU® Complete Workout System and BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging Certification – LEVEL 1.

BA in English


My fitness workouts are *featured in:

Shape.com in the Top 10 Best Workouts on YouTube

Spark People  in The Best YouTube Fitness Channels

ELLE in Top 10 YouTube Channels to Get a Perfect Body

VOGUE in The Best Workouts on YouTube

Huffington Post in 50 Best Free Workout Resources You Can Find Online

Women’s Health

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Motivational Speaker

‘Loving Your Body Now-Balancing Motherhood and Fitness’, ‘How to Teach Step Aerobics to Beginners’, ‘Doable Strength Training at Home’, and ‘Staying Relevant in the Fitness Industry-What I Learned from IDEA’.

Have also coached clients in these areas: ‘How to Start and Run a Successful YouTube Fitness Channel’, ‘Steps to Choreographing and Teaching an Outstanding Group Fitness Class’, ‘Become a Group Fitness Instructor’, and ‘How to Get Your Own Group Fitness Class.’

For Business Inquiries: contact@JennyFord.com

*Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning Jenny Ford Fitness exercise programs. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. By engaging in these workouts, you agree that you do so at your own risk, and assume all associated risk of injury.

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