Step & March Across America (Coming Soon!)

Step Across America 

(Filmed in Oregon, California, Washington DC, South Dakota, Illinois, and New York.)

This program is perfect for everyone!

Work your way through six step workouts. Once you’ve mastered a workout, you can move on to the next one. Each workout has a warm-up and cool down, and builds step by step to help you learn the basic step moves.

This program has been designed for step lover’s everywhere who enjoy stepping and sweating with simple and fun choreography. It has a total of 6 step workouts.

This program will be available for DVD and digital download. Eventually it will also be up on Amazon Prime.  A sample of each workout will be posted on my YouTube channel. Coming Soon! 

Workout 1: Newport Instructional Step Workout – Great place to begin for first time stepper’s or those who need a refresher. Get up and move along with Jenny to get the feel of stepping and learn the basic step moves. Great workout to learn how to step as well as the physics and dynamics of this amazing format. Once you’re familiar working with the step bench, move on to workout 2. Cool down and stretch included. Equipment: step bench – Run time: 33 min.

Workout 2: Oceanside Step – Quick warm-up then three fun sections keep you moving with the new moves you learned at Newport, Oregon. Perform the moves individually, then Jenny will help you start to put moves together in a way that allows you to work the right and left side of the body equally. Quick cool down and stretch included. Equipment: step bench – Run time: 32 min.

Workout 3: Mt. Rushmore Step – Quick warm-up then two fun step sections where we’ll begin to add in a few arm variations along with the feet patterns. Cool down and stretch. Equipment: step bench – Run time: 16 min.

Workout 4: Chicago Step – Begin with a super fun marching warm-up, to get your heart pumping, with optional power bursts and toning for the glutes and quads. Then grab your step for two fun step sections adding in more creative arm patterns. Cool down and stretch. Equipment: step bench – Run time: 25 min. 

Workout 5: Washington DC Step – Warm-up then move through three fun step sections. Foot patterns remain basic, but add in even more fun arm variations once you feel comfortable. Cool down and stretch. Equipment: step bench – Run time: 25 min.

Workout 6: Niagara Falls Step – Warm-up then move on to four simple heart pumping step sections where we’ll continue to put a few of the basic moves together for some new variations like rocking horse or a knee lunge. Cool down and stretch. Equipment: step bench – Run time: 28 min.

March Across America

This marching program is a companion program to Step Across America. No equipment required. This program will be perfect for everyone!

Workout 1: filming this Spring

Workout 2: filming this Spring

Workout 3: Chicago

Workout 4: Malibu

Workout 5: Nauvoo

Workout 6: filming this Spring


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